Sunday, July 8, 2012

The final showdown has begun.

Dear Children, friends, members,

The final showdown has begun. There would be many shows worth seeing. The battles on the streets of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and on the GT read to block the angry aggressive protestors. Then there will be battles in the Supreme Court and the parliament, against each other. Then there will be a tense silence within the GHQ as the fallout of the decision to open theNATO supplies are evaluated and debated. Then the militants, terrorists, insurgents and even the CIA would unleash a massive and ruthless barrage of drone hits venting their rage at Pakistan’s blocking their supplies.

The last phase of the demolition of the state has begun. Unless the army decides to intervene NOW, it’s all over. We are NOT exaggerating. If the NATO supplies cross over into Afghanistan, then Pakistan would see an Iraq styled invasion from East and West – the combined might of Af-Pak, Cold start and the 4thGW unleashed.

On Monday, for those who are not part of the protests, remain careful on streets in Islamabad and Pindi. There would be road block, clashes and tear gassing and even worse..

Khair inshAllah! It is always the darkest before the Dawn!