Friday, July 13, 2012

Muslims cant even rent a house in Delhi

Every Pakistani Muslim should read this article by India's leading newspaper, which also happens to be the snake head for Aman Ki Asha! This is the Indian Capital, the so called center of world's "biggest democracy" where Muslims cannot even find a house to rent!! Then the Congressi Mullahs and liberal SAFMA snakes say that Hindus are much better off in India!

Read, this, spread this and know that there was a reason why our forefathers and Beloved Quaid and Baba Iqbal wanted to create Pak Sarzameen. If they had not sacrificed so much for our beloved Pakistan, we would also be living in slums, as slaves, unable to find house to rent even in Indian Capital.

Hindu Banya deserve to be treated as our forefathers treated them for a thousand years -- as subjects not as masters! InshAllah, soon we shall revert back to that historical status once again. Hadees Shareef call that process - Ghazwa e Hind!