Monday, July 9, 2012

Read this very painful news today

The biggest, most severe and devastating damage this Demon-Cracy has brought upon this nation is the total and complete destruction of our values, faith, ideology and beliefs.

While people cry out over drone strikes, terrorism, load shedding, violence and political anarchy, the sinister campaign to destroy our faith, values, deen and Islamic ideology is being waged even more severely. The two most lethal pillars which are really waging a war upon our youth are the most filthy and Awara media and the liberal secular schools where all values and morality has been drowned in the deluge of vulgar advertisements, programs and "debates", which are truly destroying all which are considered sacred in the society. This damage is most severe and is destroying our future generations, especial our daughters who are the nation builders of the future.

Read this very painful news today. It must be verified again. It seems that the news is pointing towards an office bearer of PTI. Can anyone confirm please?? Astaghfurullah!!

The news is so obnoxious and filthy that if it is true one can only say Inna lillahe wa inna ilehe rajeoon! If we do not resist or raise our voices, then wait for the azaab of Allah (swt).

May Allah forgive us for now we have truly betrayed Sayyadi Rasul Allah(sm).