Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ruthless and bloody take over is closer than these corrupt politicians think!

This is our second Azaan in as many days as the collapse of the state continues.

The country is heading towards total and complete anarchy as the snakes in the government device new and sinister plans to wage war against the Supreme Court, army and the nation. Under these circumstances, the country is imploding on all axis. The Supreme Court simply cannot recover the country and while it talks about protecting the democracy and Constitution, the enemies wage a ruthless existential war against the state.

The political parties assume that holding the elections in these times of war and anarchy is the solution to all the crisis of the country. How naive, stupid and myopic they can be?

The only solution is a caretaker government of patriots who should stabilize the country, do ruthless accountability of the corrupt and destroy the terrorists. Elections will damage the country most severely and bring back these same bloodsucking vampires who are in power today, albeit in some different ratio in the parliament. The country would continue to bleed.

While everyone fights like animals within, the army is now seriously poised to make a decisive intervention. If you have not noticed, today, while the battles were going on the Supreme Court, the Military Commanders remained in a tight secret huddle for over 10 hours planning their next move. We can assure you that. If the collision and the collapse of the state continue as it is, do not surprised if one day you find a ruthless and bloody take over. It is closer than these corrupt politicians think, InshAllah.