Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Azaan can trigger a military coup InshAllah

This explosive Azaan can actually trigger a military coup in Pakistan! Pakistan is rapidly imploding under the deployed 4th generation war and the politicians, judiciary and the media remain in denial while the rank and file of the army fume in rage as the controlled demolition of the state continues in this imposed “democracy”!

Here, we fiercely attack and expose the fifth columnists, hostile strategies and enemy psy-ops against Pakistan in a time when both the Supreme Court and the Army leadership is indecisive about the gravest threats the nation and the country faces. Under the façade of media freedom, we are being attacked by most venomous lies, deceptions and propaganda by the so called “free media”. Listen to this azaan and have the confidence and the faith that InshAllah soon, the traitors will meet their well deserving end. InshAllah great khair is coming for Pak Sarzameen.