Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This Regime have crossed all limits of beghairti and Ghaddari.

Dear children, members and team, Pakistani nation has suffered a major setback but this is NOT a defeat. We guarantee you, this supply line will be blocked again. US needs this lifeline for 3 years. We will block it again in days inshAllah. Allah will overthrow this regime now. They have crossed all limits of beghairti and Ghaddari.

Do NOT lose hope nor become despondent. Remain firm and dignified and continue the fight and resist the treacherous actions of this haramkhor paleed cult of snakes who pass as our rulers today. We will NEVER surrender nor hand over Pak Sarzameen to them.

Patriots in every department of the state will put up fierce resistance inshllah. In these times of treason and betrayal at the highest levels, Ummat e Rasul (sm) needs dignified and brave sons. Raise your voice, resist in every way you can but do NOT be violent against state or private property. Momin is always dignified and honorable even in protest and war. Khair inshAllah!