Monday, July 16, 2012

A weak Muslim is a dead Muslim!

The silence of the world, apathy of the Muslim leaders and the cruelty of the Bangladesh government in providing help and Medicare relief to these desperate Muslims is so shameful that it is unpardonable! The Burmese regime is involved in this massacre and now we hold them to account for this. The Nobel prize designate Ang Su Ki also shamelessly refused to speak for Rohingya Muslims, so much for her shameless character.

These slaughters and genocide will continue to happen, from Bosnia to Rohingya to Kashmir to Palestine - unless we form a united block of Muslims powerful enough to severely teach lessons to those war criminals. A weak Muslim is a dead Muslim in these cruel times for our enemies will not show us any mercy. By Allah, we are counting each shaheed, each widow, each child of the Ummah and we WILL take revenge!