Sunday, September 30, 2012

Konya, Turkey.

In the Mauliviya Mystic order of Maulana Jalaudin Rumi, whirling derveshes relive a tradition when a lover meets a divine beloved in the mystical journey. The ceremony is pure mystical with message, morals and manners from the mystical orders and traditions of Maulana Rumi. The experience is unique, fascinating and indeed mystifying and cannot be expressed in words but only felt. We were there and were blown away... — in Konya, Turkey.

Seljuq Sultans of Rum (Anatolia)

In Konya today, visited the Masjid of Seljuq Sultans MashAllah! Once again, an amazing experience and very nostalgic.
Before the Usmani dynasty took power in Anatolia, the region was ruled by powerful Seljuk Sultan who were the defenders o

f the Ummah against crusades much in the 11th century onwards much before Sultan Salahuddin and Usmani Sultans.
Konya was called “ard ur Rum” or the lands of Rum and that is why Maulana Jalauddin is called Rumi. Seljuq Sultans were martial Muajideen and the most famous amongst them is Sultan Alap Arsalan. Seljuqs had been defending the Asia side of present day Turkey against attacks from Christian Constantinople for centuries.
Today, we went to see Sultan Allauddin Seljuq Masjid in Konya, situated on a hill top in the middle of the city. Simplest of architecture representing a Mujahid race still stands magnificently after 900 years MashAllah. Near the Masjid are the graves of these great Sultans also. Konya does not have much of Usmani architecture because their capital was Bursa and Istanbul after 1453. The major structures of usmani sultans are nearly 700 years old maximum but Seljuq Masjids and forts are beyond 900 years and are truly amazing reflections of the great Muslim power they were defending the Ummah against combined forces of crusaders about 1000 years ago.

The endgame has begun in Pakistan.

DO NOT take this cricket match to your heart. There are more deadly and fatal battles being fought around us at the moment. This is time for astaghfar and preparations not cricket matches. For Allah's sake remain focused on mission, duty and on Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). When enemies are marching into our borders, these are not the times for cricket matches.

The endgame has begun in Pakistan. The

 chaos and anarchy is now unsustainable with massive involvement from US and India, even dragging in the UN in these last stages of the deployed 4GW which has now prepared Pakistan for an internal implosion and external invasion. We may have just a few more weeks as the federal army desperately tries to hold back the military axis of the equation, though the political, judicial, economic, media and the diplomatic axis is already lost. It is now or never for the army. The cost of stabilizing the country beyond this line would be too staggering to comprehend. Khair inshAllah. We have decided, we will live with dignity and when the time comes, we will die with honor. Our message to the enemies -- be warned that we will NOT take prisoners !!!!

The Magic of Turkey 3 - Zaid Hamids Pictorial Blog

Maulana's Rumi's spiritual influence polished our beloved Baba Iqbal into a flawless diamond. Iqbal could never visit Konya and we were duty bound to carry his love, adab and salam. And we did and were truly blown away with the magic of mys
tical prowess flowing in this sacred place -- the Kaaba of Ishq -- for the lovers of Divine beauty. The experience can only be felt not explained but we make a humble attempt at ringing you the intensity and the history. Stay blessed.

Raqs e Dervesh!

When our Baba Iqbal was sad and heartbroken over the destruction of Khilafat e Usmania and the balkanization of the Muslim world, he received a spiritual message from Maulana Rumi. The message has been mentioned in Iqbal's poetry and Iqbal 
has always called Maulana Rumi as "Peer e Rumi" and called himself as his "mureed e Hindi" !! Rumi message to Iqbal was "when new buildings have to be constructed, even the foundations of the old building are dug out so that new solid and long lasting foundations are built for the new structure that has to be constructed" ! Meaning that this destruction in the Muslim lands has a hidden khair in it also and this "destruction" is part of the divine plan to "reconstruct" the faith of Islam on pure and pristine foundations -- Khilafat ala Minhaj un Nubuwwat !!

No visit to Turkey can be complete without the hazri at the Murshid e Rumi! We respectfully paid our hazri yesterday and revived our faith with the advice of this great Baba that inshAllah, a new Ummah will rise from this apparent destruction.

Our soul felt so passionately ignited and emotional that we also felt like dancing with the Derveshes who were there in a state of trance! A magical mystical moment to share -- a moment when a true lover of divine beauty is blessed with the company of the beloved, then its time for Raqs e Dervesh!

Mengal mocks Malik’s claim of foreign involvement in Balochistan

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
30 September 2012
After the UN visit on Baluchistan, the next phase of inviting the foreign involvement was launched by sending back this traitor Akhatar Mengal was sent to blast Pakistan and Pak army. Our petition in the SC came at the critical time and cau
ght these traitors and their masters by surprise. Now they are barking in pain at the top of their voices when we have asked the SC to investigate the Akbar Bugti case properly. They know that if the case is investigated, the entire false propaganda would fall apart and their war against Pakistan would be destroyed, InshAllah.

They are really burning now, alhamdolillah. The mentally retarded media men and their paymasters in CIA and BLA are now coming up with bizarre and weird lies as usual, for example:

1. Zaid Hamid is traveling to Turkey with a military delegation :)) (I wish )
2. Zaid Hamid is working for Musharraf :) (Tauba :)
3. Zaid Hamid has field this petition on the orders of ISI :) (total bull crap but even if we did, whats wrong in that? they work for CIA / RAW and accuse us of working for ISI :) bloody traitors).

Now they will also say it was an ISI conspiracy to arrange Raqs e Dervesh in Konya and arrange our visits at Muqamat of Sahabas and that Baba Hussian's farm is also an ISI HQ :))))))

We warn Pakistani politicians especially Nawaz shareef not to side with the terrorists and traitors in his hatred for Musharraf. We have strongest rage over what Musharraf did to Pakistan but we will not allow useful idiots like NS to protect and support BLA to get to Musharraf. Thats treason.

By Allah, very soon all these traitors will be hanged and if NS continues to stand with the BLA traitors, we will hang him too through a fair and free trial in an Islamic court very soon, InshAllah. Just wait.

We also advice Imran not to play in the hands of these traitors. This is one issue where there will be no compromise. No terrorists, traitor or agent of the CIA/RAW who is waging a war against Pakistan will be spared. We will NOT talk to them now. All patriotic Baluch stand with Pakistan and Rasul Allah (sm). We are united as one millat and Ummat e Rasul (sm). Traitors and their supporters can go to hell.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


In 2004, We had met an old Turk Baba in Masji e Nabwi Shareef. He cried constantly in love of Rasul Allah (sm) and even more when he knew that we are from Pakistan. Baba Hussain only spoke Turkish but our hearts connected so profoundly that we decided to visit him in Turkey in 2005. He was born during the first world war and has seen the painful transformation of Turkey from the seat of Khilafat to the liberal secular anarchy in the 20th century.

Today, Baba Hussain is 96 years old and as passionately emotional about Pakistan as he is about Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). We had an emotional and soul melting meting with him and he took us to his old farm house where he still maintains his small orchid staying close to the land he tills. We were most lovingly invited into his family of children, grand children and great grand children, MashAllah and we truly saw the love and bonding in this Ummat of Rasul Allah (sm). The family of Baba Hussian have maintained their Islamic character and values and shine like bright pearls in this sea of liberal westernization we see in Turkey today. They all spoke only Turkish but there was nothing that we did not discuss and understood through the warmth of their love.

InshAllah, one day, the Kufr made barriers of visas and passports will be removed in this ummat and once again Muslims will travel and meet freely with each other as was being done for 1400 years. Baba Hussian is one of the last remaining khair from the period of Khilafat and with him and his values remain alive the hopes and khair in our brotherly Turk Millat also.

Baba Hussain, now all Pakistan knows you and send back the love which you have for Rasul Allah (sm) and Pakistan. May Allah keep you strong, healthy and vibrant to see the lost glory of the Ummah once again. Stay blessed always and forever...

Musharraf, army chief want independent

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29 September 2012

Our Petition has really burnt the tails of the enemies alhamdolillah :)) . This appears in The News today and they are going crazy that even the army chief is quoting our petition on the issue. Our ongoing visit to Turkey is being twisted to show some kind of an ISI conspiracy :)) truly mentally retarded psychos :))) . we are loving every bit of it as we kick them hard and solid where it hurts most. Meanwhile, we are enjoying the grapes from the farm of Baba Hussian :)))))

"Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani had echoed the same line on the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti in a special cabinet meeting on Balochistan as has been taken in the petition of Zaid Hamid, a self-styled security analyst known for close links with the military establishment. Zaid Hamid’s connection with the military establishment is an open secret. A few days ago, a delegation of his ‘think-tank’ Brass Tacks went to Turkey in the company of a military delegation along with the officials of Pak-Turk Institute"

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Magic of Turkey 2 - Zaid Hamids Pictorial Blog

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28 September 2012 

Alhamdolillah, our magical mystical journey of the lands of Khilafat e Usmania continues...

Every bit of history of the last many thousands of years has been preserved with love and care -- from great Masjids to relics of beloved prophets and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) to graves of former Sultans and the grand Bazaars and old city walls and streets - this is a strange fairytale land which transports you into the times of Sultan Fateh, Sulaiman Alishan and Bayazid Yaldram when the soul shaking beat of Mehtar Band in battles would shake the hearts and souls of the enemy even before the battles..

But heart bleeds as well to see what we have lost..... and inspires us again to fight with every bit of life within to reclaim this lost glory! By Allah we will, we will InshAllah!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Did Bugti blow himself up?

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28 September 2012 

Alhamdolillah, while travelling in the lands of Khilafat e Usmania, Syyadna Abu Ayub Ansari and Maulana Jalal uddin Rumi, we recived this email this morning reporting our petition in the Supreme Court against Akbar Bugti's death propaganda.
 This is a great breakthrough and now InshAllah, the Supreme Court would be obliged to hear the petition and not to delay or ignore it as they did it with our SAFMA petition. In this times of war, it is time SC stands with the nation and not against it. If they cannot punish the terrorists, cannot restrain the hostile media and cannot stop the massive hostile info war against the state despite the fact that they have the authority to di it, then what good are they for? this is their last and final test before we pass a final judgment on them. Khair inshAllah!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do lots of astaghfar

For Allah's sake and love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), stop sharing the video or the contents of that filthy movie. It is greatest of zulm and sin to watch or spread that movie or to share its contents even by mistake and all those who have been doing this must do lots of astaghfar, sadaqa and durud shareef.

Those who watch it deliberately are committing greatest of Gustakhi and blasphemy and suffer the risk of loosing all their Imaan and saleh amaal. Never ever do that. Stop your friends, family and class mates from doing this Zulm. Our young generation is not aware of protocols of adab and love of Sayyadi (sm). In matters of respect and adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) remain extremely careful please.

In times of Rasul Allah (sm) also, there was lots of Gustakhy and blasphemy against our beloved Sayyadi (sm). How did Sahaba respond? Do you ever hear Sahabas burning and protesting on the streets and throwing stones?????? They responded with dignity, displayed more love and adab for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and remained focused on the mission till they gathered enough strength to take the revenge. By Allah, will NOT forget or forgive and make them pay for this but we must RESPOND with wisdom and strength and NOT REACT senselessly!!! Recite Durud on our beloved Sayyadi (sm) now! Khair inshAllah...

Israel Soldier _Palestine Girl

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15 September 2012 
Say Shukar that Allah has blessed you with Pakistan. But we as a nation are humiliating our beloved Pak Sarzamneen, abusing it, destroying it and asking the enemies to come and take over. Watch this 1 minute clip to know what freedom means to these Palestinian Muslims... Every day they face off with Zionists for every meal they eat, every step they take! As them the worth of freedom! Today, the enemies have made plans to make you like Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and yemen...... Be ready, the time for tauba is now gone. The time for punishment has started........ When Hakim, Qazi, sipah salar and the Ulama become compromised, this what happen.......Ya Allah Karam....

Pakistan is not merely a piece of land!

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15 September 2012 
Are you willing to live and die for the deen, your ideology, this beloved Pak Sarzameen? Are you willing to pay the price that comes with it??? Those who do not prepare in times of peace will always collapse in the times of trial and war. Listen to this one minute clip and make your choices. The journey is not going to be easy for those who are not ready now! Very soon, this nation will be put in harshest of tests. Majority are NOT ready......

22 Random Acts of Kindness.

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15 September 2012 
Every act of Khair matters! Just be kind, helpful and generous. The way people search ways to earn their money, we need to search ways to earn dua and blessings as well. Children often ask us "what can we do to make a change" ? Remember what Rasul Allah (sm) has advised us. That even a smile is a charity, even removing an object of harm from the path is a charity. We are encouraged to shake hands and say salam on everyone we meet, even if we do not know them. These are the values our Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has taught us. If you want to take revenge from the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm), then become what Rasul Allah (sm) wants you to become -- a source of rehmat and khair for the world. Here, a youngster like you is showing how you can do it too. Barak Allah feekum. ZH