Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mengal mocks Malik’s claim of foreign involvement in Balochistan

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
30 September 2012
After the UN visit on Baluchistan, the next phase of inviting the foreign involvement was launched by sending back this traitor Akhatar Mengal was sent to blast Pakistan and Pak army. Our petition in the SC came at the critical time and cau
ght these traitors and their masters by surprise. Now they are barking in pain at the top of their voices when we have asked the SC to investigate the Akbar Bugti case properly. They know that if the case is investigated, the entire false propaganda would fall apart and their war against Pakistan would be destroyed, InshAllah.

They are really burning now, alhamdolillah. The mentally retarded media men and their paymasters in CIA and BLA are now coming up with bizarre and weird lies as usual, for example:

1. Zaid Hamid is traveling to Turkey with a military delegation :)) (I wish )
2. Zaid Hamid is working for Musharraf :) (Tauba :)
3. Zaid Hamid has field this petition on the orders of ISI :) (total bull crap but even if we did, whats wrong in that? they work for CIA / RAW and accuse us of working for ISI :) bloody traitors).

Now they will also say it was an ISI conspiracy to arrange Raqs e Dervesh in Konya and arrange our visits at Muqamat of Sahabas and that Baba Hussian's farm is also an ISI HQ :))))))

We warn Pakistani politicians especially Nawaz shareef not to side with the terrorists and traitors in his hatred for Musharraf. We have strongest rage over what Musharraf did to Pakistan but we will not allow useful idiots like NS to protect and support BLA to get to Musharraf. Thats treason.

By Allah, very soon all these traitors will be hanged and if NS continues to stand with the BLA traitors, we will hang him too through a fair and free trial in an Islamic court very soon, InshAllah. Just wait.

We also advice Imran not to play in the hands of these traitors. This is one issue where there will be no compromise. No terrorists, traitor or agent of the CIA/RAW who is waging a war against Pakistan will be spared. We will NOT talk to them now. All patriotic Baluch stand with Pakistan and Rasul Allah (sm). We are united as one millat and Ummat e Rasul (sm). Traitors and their supporters can go to hell.