Thursday, September 13, 2012

Please be careful

Dear Muslims, members! We have one strong advice and request to make. DO NOT share, spread and distribute the links of that filthy movie against our beloved Sayyadi Murshidi Rasul Allah (sm). Ignore, block, delete and discourage its propagation.

We do NOT need to see the gustakhi and be-adabi against our beloved Sayyadi (sm). Kuffar and helldogs have been doing this kind of Gustakhi for the last 1400 years. Muslim rulers and armies are supposed to punish and destroy such scumbags. Ordinary Muslims must do all in their power to block the distribution of such content, not promote it in the name of telling the world what the enemies have done.

So please be careful.By spreading this filth, you become an instrument in spreading this Gustakhi. Block it not spread it. InshAllah, soon, Allah will send us a Salahuddin who will take revenge. Till that time, do dua for Muslims of Libya, Egypt and Yemen who did what dignified Muslims would do! The answer to this blasphemy is only sword not dialogue! But do NOT share any links. We repeat, DO NOT share any links or spread the filth.