Sunday, September 30, 2012

Raqs e Dervesh!

When our Baba Iqbal was sad and heartbroken over the destruction of Khilafat e Usmania and the balkanization of the Muslim world, he received a spiritual message from Maulana Rumi. The message has been mentioned in Iqbal's poetry and Iqbal 
has always called Maulana Rumi as "Peer e Rumi" and called himself as his "mureed e Hindi" !! Rumi message to Iqbal was "when new buildings have to be constructed, even the foundations of the old building are dug out so that new solid and long lasting foundations are built for the new structure that has to be constructed" ! Meaning that this destruction in the Muslim lands has a hidden khair in it also and this "destruction" is part of the divine plan to "reconstruct" the faith of Islam on pure and pristine foundations -- Khilafat ala Minhaj un Nubuwwat !!

No visit to Turkey can be complete without the hazri at the Murshid e Rumi! We respectfully paid our hazri yesterday and revived our faith with the advice of this great Baba that inshAllah, a new Ummah will rise from this apparent destruction.

Our soul felt so passionately ignited and emotional that we also felt like dancing with the Derveshes who were there in a state of trance! A magical mystical moment to share -- a moment when a true lover of divine beauty is blessed with the company of the beloved, then its time for Raqs e Dervesh!