Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seljuq Sultans of Rum (Anatolia)

In Konya today, visited the Masjid of Seljuq Sultans MashAllah! Once again, an amazing experience and very nostalgic.
Before the Usmani dynasty took power in Anatolia, the region was ruled by powerful Seljuk Sultan who were the defenders o

f the Ummah against crusades much in the 11th century onwards much before Sultan Salahuddin and Usmani Sultans.
Konya was called “ard ur Rum” or the lands of Rum and that is why Maulana Jalauddin is called Rumi. Seljuq Sultans were martial Muajideen and the most famous amongst them is Sultan Alap Arsalan. Seljuqs had been defending the Asia side of present day Turkey against attacks from Christian Constantinople for centuries.
Today, we went to see Sultan Allauddin Seljuq Masjid in Konya, situated on a hill top in the middle of the city. Simplest of architecture representing a Mujahid race still stands magnificently after 900 years MashAllah. Near the Masjid are the graves of these great Sultans also. Konya does not have much of Usmani architecture because their capital was Bursa and Istanbul after 1453. The major structures of usmani sultans are nearly 700 years old maximum but Seljuq Masjids and forts are beyond 900 years and are truly amazing reflections of the great Muslim power they were defending the Ummah against combined forces of crusaders about 1000 years ago.