Sunday, September 30, 2012

The endgame has begun in Pakistan.

DO NOT take this cricket match to your heart. There are more deadly and fatal battles being fought around us at the moment. This is time for astaghfar and preparations not cricket matches. For Allah's sake remain focused on mission, duty and on Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). When enemies are marching into our borders, these are not the times for cricket matches.

The endgame has begun in Pakistan. The

 chaos and anarchy is now unsustainable with massive involvement from US and India, even dragging in the UN in these last stages of the deployed 4GW which has now prepared Pakistan for an internal implosion and external invasion. We may have just a few more weeks as the federal army desperately tries to hold back the military axis of the equation, though the political, judicial, economic, media and the diplomatic axis is already lost. It is now or never for the army. The cost of stabilizing the country beyond this line would be too staggering to comprehend. Khair inshAllah. We have decided, we will live with dignity and when the time comes, we will die with honor. Our message to the enemies -- be warned that we will NOT take prisoners !!!!