Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Allah (swt) wants to punish a people

When Allah (swt) wants to punish a people, He blinds them to see the truth and they cannot make a distinction between Haq and Batil and become deaf, dumb and blind! When a nation starts to support and sympathies with Khawarij, then wait for Allah's azaab either in the form of Khawarij or Hindus or Crusaders!

It is not just the judicial system which is corrupt, the mentality, wisdom and thinking of the entire nation has been corrupted by the system of Dajjal and its paid media. This is the job of media -- to put waswasa in your hearts, make you doubtful about the real identity of the enemies and confuse you between your friends and enemies. For Allah's sake, leave your own opinion aside and read what Rasul Allah (sm) has told us about Khawarij! If this is not the picture of a Kharji then what is it?????? These are the Khawarij of TTP based in Lal masjid under the orders, protection, direction and planning of the two Mullahs!

Rasul Allah (sm) has blessed the army which fight the Khawarij! If you believe in Rasul Allah (sm) then stop giving your own opinion or you will be lose your entire good deeds and you wont even know about it. Anyone, who says that TTP and their likes are not khawarij is in any case either an idiot or an enemy and his opinion does not matter.

The world knows that Lal masjid Mullahs did. The army fought a battle with them for 7 days. Over 50 soldiers and officers died in that battle. The same Lal masjid supporters went to Swat and started the Swat rebellion under Mullah Fazlullah and now are waging a war from Kunar against Pakistan. Chief Justice and his judiciary and the judicial system should have known all this before granting them honorable release and bails. Army gave all the evidence but the Judiciary refuse to accept the evidence. NOT a single terrorist of Lal masjid has ever been punished. Army did its job which it was asked to do. Musharraf handled it foolishly but that does not mean Lal masjid did not have khawarij!

On the blindness of the people, all we can say is "innalillahe inna alehe rajeoon! What else can you say about people who are hypnotized by the media controlled by Dajjal!