Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Advice and message from an elder.

To our younger generation, this is a profound advice and message from an elder Nisar sahib, who is on our FB also. Our advice to the youth would be to read it carefully and pay heed. There is khair in this inshAllah. Pakistan is going through the same crisis as it did in 1971 and all enemies have ganged up to destroy this Medina e Sani. In these times of lies and confusions, it is better to take advice from those sincere elders who have seen the pain of breakup of Pakistan. khair inshAllah. ZH

Nisar sahib writes:

I am from the Generation when East Pakistan had the same problem and there was no one to give such an incisive piece of advice, I remember I was doing my Bsc from Islamia College in Karachi and at that time for us it was only Bhutto.

I was running for the election of the Vice President for our college Union and at that time it was our college principle that no outside Student Union would be allowed to interfere in the elections and only independent candidate must file their nomination. At that time we had stood against Ayub and were looking towards Bhutto who we thought to be our savior and we did not have someone like Zaid Hamid to guide us, today's generation should thank Allah that at least there is someone who has the Dard for Pakistan and can give his guidance so at least you have the other view also which makes it easier to come up to your own conclusion..Allah has given each individual his own self , we all have to develop our self as guided by AllaH and his Prophets which HE has been sending regularly till the advent of Last Prophet.

If we can start to think right then No one on Earth can take away our destiny which was to have a homeland in which we will live by the Laws of Allah who is Rehman and Raheem for all his creation.The change will only comew if we are ready to change ourself and that Inshallah this is the miracle that all of Pakistan is waiting for, "The Awakining of the People of Pakistan." May Allah Guide us to our Destiny.

Thank you Zaid Hamid Saheb for having Trust in the people of Pakistan and are doing your Job very well,May allah accept your Azaan for Pakistan,We can only make effort and that is what is required , You continue with your Azaan and leave the result on Allah,Our Job is to continue giving Azaan for the right path, the rest is up to Allah and he has given this Basharat that Allah does not change the condition of the people till they themselves make the effort. Nisar Ahmed Chaudrey.