Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chok Shukar

Alhamdolillah, we landed this morning at Islamabad and have now arrived back in Medina e Sani, our beloved Pak Sarzameen!! As they say in Turkish "Chok Shukar", buhat shukar!! Now we are available for calls. Alhamdolillah, it was a fascinating visit both spiritually and strategically and great khair will come fo Pak sarzameen and Ummat e asul (sm) from these adventures! We shall be posting more about these journeys and their impact, InshAllah. Even though our beloved Pak Sazameen is in pain and we face an existential threat, we will look beyond the obvious, even beyond the horizon into the depths of divine secrets which would be unfolding now in the coming days.

But first, we need to re-organize the battle at home in courts and in Media! Khair inshAllah. with salam and dua. ZH