Monday, October 8, 2012

Former Balochistan CM meets Nawaz: Mengal likens his six points to those of Mujib

This is what the traitor media is paid to hide. They are also paid to give air time to the traitors and terrorists and block patriots. The traitors promoted by Hamid Mir and his likes are actually openly talking about "Mujeeb's 6 points", t
he declaration of war against Pak Sarzameen. InshAllah, soon a massive cleanup would bring in divine justice ! Just wait.

Pakistan's critical security report and threat analysis for October 1, 2012.

As the government and the judiciary continue to wage their wars against Pakistan army and a total and complete leadership collapse is visible, the next phase of separating Baluchistan from Pakistan has been launched. A self exiled treacherous Baluch Sardar has been sent back by the CIA to kick launch more attacks on the army and the ISI over the missing persons case.

He actually called himself the “mujeeb ur rehman” of the 1971 era, when the Bengali separatist leader waged a massive war of rebellion against Pakistan with Indian help and broke off East Pakistan to make it Bangladesh today. The stage is now fully set for a foreign sponsored rebellion in Baluchistan.

But incredibly, the most effective and massive resistance at the national judicial level to this outrageous rebellion came from BrassTacks and the author of this Sit-rep Zaid Hamid. BrassTacks has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to investigate the “murder” of Nawab Akbar Bugti, which is being exploited by the separatists as the core reason for rebellion against the state.

This petition has shaken the national leadership. The patriots including the army are now using its contents to fortify the national defense while the traitors are fiercely attacking the BrassTacks and the founding consultant. The battle lines are now fully drawn and the SC is in a fix over the petition. It cannot accept it nor reject it for fear of antagonizing one of the camps.

Last week, we had given the following assessment of the Baluchistan chaos and the steps being taken by the UN and the foreign powers to invite into this “strategic corridor” to Afghanistan.

“As expected, the UN team began building pressure upon Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies holding them responsible for the crisis in Baluchistan and demanding a reduced role for the forces. On another axis, US is also building pressure on Islamabad, sending out mixed signals of carrot and stick to force Pakistan to fall back in line. The US and UN are now building the pressure in tandem”

But even under these catastrophic circumstances, the corrupt PPP regime is deliberately and criminally complacent in protecting Pakistan’s interests in the global arena. In an environment, when Pakistan need powerful allies and friends, the PPP regime continues to tow the US and Indian line, even humiliating the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pakistan army is now trying to run the international diplomacy as well, desperately trying to find allies to offset the US and Indian pressure.

The focus of the Zardari regime remains on following the US agenda to the total destruction of Pakistan and its state organs as well as economy. From drones to NATO supplies to inviting the UN to waging a war against the Pak army, the focus of PPP regime is total and unconditional surrender.

Last week, we had given the following assessment of the political anarchy and chaos in the country. The scenario continues to get more complex and chaotic with every passing week.

“Within the country, the state sponsored anarchy through corruption, bad governance outright treason and economic mismanagement is now well and truly burning down the entire edifice of state or the government. US too directly contributed their own share in further aggravating the anarchy in Pakistan. CIA’s own war remains alive and bloody as well. The government, judiciary and the political parties remained at war with each other while the country burnt on all axis heading rapidly towards a totally failed and dysfunctional state where the Chief Executive, Chief Justice and the Chief of army remain blissfully unaware of the wildfires raging all over the country”

Now the collapse and chaos is total and complete. No governance, no administration of the country, no executive powers for the welfare of the people, no judiciary to restore law and order. All are now bitterly fighting amongst each other like animals bringing down the entire state with it and there is no realization within them to top it all. Political parties are sensing new elections are now battling each other for power and turf creating further chaos while the regime remains busy in robbing the people through taxes and fuel costs. It is almost “Somalia” now!

Meanwhile within the country, the terrorists, CIA, sectarian militants and all axis of criminals and separatists are fully exploiting the vacuum to run away with their agendas. From Karachi to tribal regions to Quetta – the country is a lawless land now.

Last week, we gave the following assessment of the chaos and anarchy:

“Our cold analysis predicts a Somalia, Libya, Iraq and Syria styled fate for Pakistan in not so long future unless army stages a coup in the country. The present democracy needs to be annihilated in a bloody coup to cleanse the system and society of the imposed 4thGW which has now entered the last stages of deployment against Pakistan – under direct supervision of the government and the Chief Justice while the army chief remains a silent spectator, perhaps too indecisive to make up his mind while the time burns like a lit fuse. At the present rate of collapse, we foresee a total anarchy within weeks now. There is absolutely no capacity nor intent in the government to even make a faint attempt at recovering the meltdown. The existing state of affairs just cannot sustain beyond few more weeks. Military leadership will have to intervene or risk a massive rebellion within its own ranks. It has come to this red line now”

There is not much to add really to the above analysis. If the army does not intervene NOW, it will soon have to fight massive urban, decentralized, asymmetric war within the cities against external and internal insurgents as well as against regular armies from NATO/US and India. The cost of recovery from the “Iraq” state would be ten times higher than from the present “Somalia” state.

The most serious, far reaching, strategic and sensitive decision now await General Kiyani’s approval. All eyes are on him now. His indecision or decision would decide between life and death for this nation within the next few weeks. The country has run out of other options and alternates to salvage the crisis now. The red line has been crossed long time ago.

Khair inshAllah.

Zaid Hamid