Saturday, October 20, 2012

Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib

Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib, today you have passed a judgement against ISI's role in politics. Let us ask you few questions. Is it OK for foreign secret services to pay money to Pakistani politicians and political parties??? Is it OK for foreign secret services to fix elections in Pakistan?? is it OK for political parties in Pakistan to create terrorist gangs??? Is it OK for political parties in Pakistan to wage a war against Pakistan? If all this is happening in Pakistani politics, then why are you blocking ISI from keeping a check on Pakistani political parties???

1. Agartala sazish proved that Awami national Party took money from Indian RAW for a war against Pakistan and created Mukti Bahini. East Pakistan was broken because of that Indian sazish where the judiciary refused to punish the traitors and blocked ISI's attempt to punish them. All cases were withdrawn against traitor politicians.

2. Al-Zulfiqar terrorist organization was created by Peoples Party and sons of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for war against Pakistan after funding from India, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. PPP had a terrorist wing. Are you aware of this ???? Sure you are.

3. Baluchistan liberation army was created by separatists Baluch politicians in 70's and traitors like Najam Sethi were part of Hyderabad Conspiracy trial for waging a war against Pakistan through foreign funding. All were forgiven and cases withdrawn against them, even today. why????

4. Awami National Party of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan has been waging a war against Pakistan for 65 years through Soviet and Indian funding. Bhutto had formed treason against them too.

5. Today, even in the Senate elections, billions of Rupees have been spent by political parties and their foreign backers to fix the elections for traitors. It is all documented and known to the world and the SC.

6. Isnt this a fact that USAID and US embassy is heavily involved in all political deals in Pakistan these days???? Wiki Leaks exposed even Fazal Ur rehman that he had asked the US embassy to make him the PM!!

So, when foreign powers are heavily funding political parties for war against Pakistan, why should ISI be forced to keep out of keeping a check on politicians??? Are you giving a free hand to the enemies to buy and sell the politicians for war against Pakistan? Can the SC guarantee that no foreign funding or influence would come from CIA or RAW on Pakistani politics ??? If the SC cannot give this gaurentee and the history and facts prove that all hostile powers are heavily influencing Pakistani politics, then isnt this destroyign the coungtry by blocking our own army and ISI ???????

May Allah deal with you as He feel fit. We will curse you in every dua we make. Aulia Allah were already doing that Bad Dua. Now we know why. Astaghfurullah!!!!