Saturday, October 20, 2012

ISI was suspicious of PPP in 1990

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
19 October 2012

Do you know why ISI was suspicious of PPP in 1990???? Most of you were not even born and don't know the history. PPP was running a terrorist organization formed by sons of Bhutto called Al-Zulfiqar which was the TTP of that time. Thousands of Pakistanis were killed when PPP members waged a war against Pakistan by taking funds of India, Afghan secret service and Soviet Union. They were terrorists and when General Zia was assasinated, they were brought in power. Obviously, army was upset. If terrorists organizations become governments, what should army do????? They will never tell you this dirty secret of PPP, astaghfurullah!!


Read this about PPP and their terrorist links of Al-Zulfiqar.

Ali Bhutto's two sons, Murtaza and Shahnawaz went into exile in Afghanistan which was at that time controlled by communist revolutionary government of Babrak Karmal. There the two sons formed Al-Zulfiqar along with hundreds of Pakistan Peoples Party militants who had escaped Zia's persecution. The Al-Zulfiqar Organization (AZO) was born at this point, and disgruntled elements among the younger members of the PPP, disappointed in the party's leadership, flocked to Murtaza's side. The AZO, however, went on to earn the title of terrorist organization, a label which dogged Murtaza till he died.

1981 PIA hijacked

Al-Zulfiqar hijacked a Pakistan International Airlines flight en route to Peshawar from Karachi, and diverted it to Kabul in March 1981. The hijacking went on for thirteen days, during which Lieutenant Tariq Rahim was shot to death; the hijackers mistakenly believed Rahim to be the son of General Rahimuddin Khan. Rahim was executed following Murtaza's conferring with Afghan Intelligence (KHAD) chief Mohammad Najibullah. The execution forced the Zia regime to accept the demands of the hijackers, releasing dozens of Pakistan Peoples Party and other leftist political prisoners languishing in Pakistani jails.

Now you know!!!!