Monday, October 8, 2012

Muqam of hazrat Shams Tabrez in Konya

We have also visited the muqam of hazrat Shams Tabrez in Konya, the Murshid of Maulana Jalal uddin Rumi, MashAllah! An amazing story is narrated about both these great men. Once Maulana Rumi was sitting near a water pond and reading some bo
oks that a dervesh appeared and asked him what is he reading? Maulana replied in a bit of arrogance that "you do not know this knowledge" ! At this, the poor old Dervesh picked up those books and threw them in the water. Rumi was horrified as his precious books were drowned. Then after some pause, the old unknown Dervesh placed his hand inside the water and pulled out all the books dry and readable. Shocked and amazed at this miracle, Rumi asked this dervesh how did he do it? at this the dervesh replied "this is the knowledge, you do not know"!!

This dervesh was Shams Tabrez!

That was the begining of a profound spiritual relationship which transformed a scholar Rumi into a Faqeer and Dervesh taking him into the realms of mystical spirituality.

Shams Tabrez was later martyred by the followers of Maulana Rumi as they thought that this old man has bewitched Maulana Rumi. Rumi was shattered and then lived a life of pain and sorrow in memory of his beloved Murshid.

For us, it was again a spiritual experience for us to visit the muqam of this great dervesh who knew the ilm "which we do not know!!