Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our opinion on political option for Pakistan

Our opinion on political option for Pakistan under present chaos, crisis and war scenario is NOT open to debate. Please don't argue with us on this. Our duty is to expose the enemy plans and draw a realistic threat assessment and give workable practical solutions.

Those who disagree have no power in their hands. Those who have power are the army and we are only talking to them directly.

Elections would bring civil war. Democracy has brought disaster. Martial law is NOT the solution. We need patriotic caretakers for 3 years to clean the system of terrorism and corruption.

Now we only have hope from the army. Not from government, not from SC. If army does not do what we suggest, then wait till these traitors / idiots in media, government and judiciary destroy our beloved Pak sarzameen and turn it into Somalia or Iraq... So we wait!!