Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pak Army must start Court Martial of captured terrorists!

After the attack on our daughter Malala yousafzai, Pakistani nation demand that Pak Army must start Court Martial of captured terrorists and begin their execution. We demand that CJ must not block military courts as entire judicial system under CJ has collapsed and not a single terrorists has been hanged by civil courts. CJ and Govt have failed miserably to provide justice in these times of war. Now we want army to take over the duty of eliminating the terrorists in urban war!

We must realize that Pakistan is at war and civil laws don’t apply in battlefields. Today our cities are war zones and a national emergency must be declared! The Govt and Judiciary have done the biggest betrayal of this millat but not acknowledging that we are at war, hence are guilty of not protecting the nation. If the government and the judiciary continuen to block the military courts and also do not punish the terrorists, then the blood of the shaheeds and blood of Malala is on their hands! Let them know that the nation is disgusted of this judicial system and its betrayl of the millat in these times of war!

Oh Allah bear witness that we have conveyed the mesage... Now we hand over this regime and the judiciary to you for you are the best of the judges, all powerfull and revengfull against the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). Deal with them as they deserve!