Monday, October 8, 2012

Poll is getting feedback from thousands of Pakistanis globally

For the last 3 months, this poll is getting feedback from thousands of Pakistanis globally. the nation has spoken. Private media must be banned and blocked in Pakistan for their sinister and criminal role against Pakistan's ideology, identity and security. Total and absolute freedom was given to Pakistan media but they abused it, exploited it and betrayed the nation. They are all powerful self appointed criminal gangs of blackmailers and ideological terrorists who serve the interests of foreign powers which feed them. Supreme Court should have heard our petition but the media and the SC decided to block it. Now they will be put to trial in a sharia court very soon !!! Traitors mentioned in our petition can run for some more time but now, InshAllah, can never hide or escape. We will put them to trail and punish them most severely! Thats a promise, InshAllah!