Monday, October 8, 2012

sharing with you a poem written by a sincere Pakistani whom we don't even know

When we took the traitor media to court, they blocked and banned our presence on Pak media in revenge. A media terrorist is more lethal and dangerous than a suicide bomber. Suicide bomber only kills a few people. A media terrorist and propa
gandist destroys an entire nation. Even the Supreme court is afraid to put these media terrorists on trial but not for long inshAllah. Now they will be held accountable.

There are only a handful within the media who are desperately trying to defend Pakistan and their role is appreciated and acknowledged but the majority is only spreading anarchy and chaos in these desperate times for the millat. We shall be posting the threat analysis after this post so that you know how anarchic the security situation has become and how lethal this sinister media is in these times of war. TTP, BLA and media are the same enemies. If the SC refuses to hear our petition demanding death sentence for these traitors, then we will hold SC responsible for this media anarchy and war against Pak sarzameen.

One more point: To those young members who comment without knowledge and impulsively, you are welcome to ask questions but remain respectful and decent else we will ban all such members. This is a dignified forum for serious thinking patriots and shaheens of Iqbal. We expect wisdom and depth in the questions. Do some of your own research on what we write to know the truth. If you do not trust us, leave this page please. There is no point in being with us if you do not trust us. Jazak Allah.

sharing with you a poem written by a sincere Pakistani whom we don't even know. May Allah give him barakah.