Friday, October 12, 2012

So dear Chief Justice, so now you have finally woken up

So dear Chief Justice, so now you have finally woken up to the fact that there is an insurgency in Baluchistan !! Shukar Allah Ka.. your comments have been published in today's The News. May we humbly ask, is it after our petition in the SC against Akbar Bugti???

This is published in News today:

"“The history is full of examples of certain insurgencies that hit countries across the worlds, whi

ch were even worst than in this part of the province. We can still overcome the prevailing lawlessness in Balochistan by adopting concerted strategy,” the chief justice observed"

Then you also asked for proof that if there is a foreign involvement in this insurgency. Since you are a constitutional Judge only and NOT a General or a defense analyst, let us educate you on some critical points about insurgencies, since you have now acknowledged that there is an insurgency in Baluchistan. Please note these points and never ever forget this again as your ignorance can destroy this millat:

1. All insurgencies are supported by hostile powers from outside the country. No insurgency is sustained if it does not have foreign base areas, weapons supplies and hostile patrons outside the country. That is why it is called an insurgency, else it would be a called a local law and order problem.

2. Insurgencies are undeclared urban wars by the hostile powers. You cannot fight insurgencies through civil laws, police or courts. Insurgencies demand a solid free hand to the military backed by political, judicial and social-economic means to rebuild the region.

3. Unless you attack the bases areas, sponsors and weapons supply of the insurgencies and their patrons in media and politics, you cannot defeat them no matter now efficient judicial or military system you put in place. In Baluchistan, there is NO government and the entire responsibility is upon the FC to prevent that province from going into total anarchy. if you realize that Baluchistan is facing an insurgency, then you must also allow war state emergency rules to be applied as well. You cannot fight an insurgency with laws of 1860 under which your courts are working. Comprendo???

4. You have to punish the BLA NOT the FC for God sake. BLA is NOT following any law. To fight them, extra ordinary powers and martial laws are needed. Give those powers to FC, NOT restrict them or withdraw them. Over 10,000 Pakistanis have been killed by BLA in last 6 months. NOT a single case is being heard against BLA terrorists. How can this be explained??????????????

5. Pakistan is being Balkanzied just as greater Middle East is being re-shaped. Understand the bigger sinister game of Making Pakistan into Somalia, Iraq or Yugoslavia. Sit with the army leadership and ask them how to handle this grave challenge. Then put your entire judicial system to support the army, NOT to fight them for God sake!

We are waiting to talk to you in court when our Bugti petition is taken up by you. Nation and our future generations are watching you very closely today as you hold total and absolute powers in the land. Use this power wisely dear friend. Remember, Allah is your judge, watching you even more closely!