Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The "dogs of hell", the Kharji TTP

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]
10 October 2012 
The "dogs of hell", the Kharji TTP are afraid of a little daughter of Pakistan -- Malala Yusufzai -- and have attempted to silence her voice for standing up to these snakes! While we do dua for our daughter, we also curse the TTP and also a

ll the political and religious parties who still refuse to condemn TTP as enemies of the state and still refuse to support the army against these enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). 

The leaders are generally "condemning" the "attack" but are NOT speaking against and attacking Hakeem ullah Mehsud or Mullah Ehsan and their murderous gangs of hired assassins of TTP. This is their munafiqat and the munafiqat of media!!

TTP are Khawarij and enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). They must be eliminated by full force even if it means going into Afghanistan and blocking the NATO supplies once again. But when political leadership and media is afraid of TTP and religious leaders of DPC are led by snakes like Sharabi Tahir Ashrafi, then innocent souls like Malala and thousands like her would continue to pay the ultimate price for the collective sins of the leaders.

We will support our army and ISI even more strongly now. Attack on our daughter is another crime in the case against murderous TTP and their Hindu Mushrik backers. We will take revenge. That is a promise.

And to those Pakistani religious and political leaders and media who are still afraid to declare war against TTP and Hakeem ullah Mehsud, we say, wait for the judgement of Allah (swt). You are beyghairats and cowards and Allah does not need Beyghairats!