Saturday, October 13, 2012

This political system and democracy is a curse.

Altaf Hussian has ordered his gangsters in Sindh to collect all the data of all Ulama, masjids, their sects and their political affiliations. There is no doubt that this data would be used by the CIA and RAW to wage the next levels of sectarian and urban war in Karachi, making it easy for the assassins to target the scholar of their choice. The political parties are being used by the enemies against Pak Sarzamneen. They are waging ethnic wars of Jahilia on streets and then declare their deads as "shaheeds" !!

This political system and democracy is a curse and must be surgically removed now. If the army does not do the cleanup now, Allah will send Kuffar to do the cleaning as Halaku did. If we have vision, this is already happening in Pak sarzamnee. From TTP to BLA to MQM to ANP to PPP -- all are criminals and murderers!

Pak army, you have taken the oath to protect this land. The enemies are within now. Deal with them please. Nation is with you against these animals.