Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It was only 2 days of Ashura and the whole country was a war zone!

It was only 2 days of Ashura and the whole country was a war zone! The entire country's cell networks were shut down, streets were deserted and there were dozens of bomb blasts and suicide attacks with complete chaos in the government. Imagine what will the enemies do during elections ?????? If you are not blind or a total idiot, you should know what the enemies would do.

Indian Independent battle groups are waiting just across the border to roll into Pakistan under the Col
d start war doctrine once the anarchy hits Pakistan. TTP is already waging a ruthless bloody war against the nation, people and the army. BLA is cleaning and killing all pro-Pakistan patriots from Baluchistan and gang wars of Karachi are killing 15-20 people every day. Army is heavily bogged down in a massive insurgency backed by RAW and CIA and there are very thin defenses on the eastern borders now. It is a desperate situation for the army and the country.

Now the CJ wants army to go from door to door to check voters list as well. Is this the army's duty to check voters list ???? Is this the army's duty to hold elections when army is already giving heavy casualties everyday fighting the enemies?????? On one had they say army must not interfere in politics and then they drag army into elections and duties of election commission.

Does anyone in the country realize that we are in a state of war were the enemies are about to make us into Syria??? In Syria, the country is out of control of the army now and insurgent gangs, terrorists and foreign powers control half the country. The same they plan for Pak army also. Why do we want to drag the army away from national security to election duties in times of war??? Is the CJ insane ????? Cant he see that army must fight the enemies and not hold elections. Why don't they use judiciary and other civil departments to hold elections if they are so desperate ??????

This nation has gone to dogs at all leadership levels now. There is no wisdom, no vision, no courage, no strategy. Just blind men following their low desires driven by pure stupidity and arrogance, while the enemies are sharpening their knives and daggers and waiting to attack without mercy. This is exactly what Halaku Khan did to idiots of Baghdad. This is exactly what the Americans did to Iraq, this is exactly what Indians did in East Pakistan and this is exactly what the Indians will do again to us in a few months. Idiots who turn towards Kufr for guidance always end up like this.

There is still time for this nation. Repent, do tauba and revert back to Quran and Sunnah and support the army to bring patriotic caretaker Muslims who will stabilize the nation. Elections would only bring death, humiliation, invasion, civil war and enemies into our homes, Astaghfurullah !

PTI will soon regret !‏

Courageous leaders like Quaid, Salahuddin and Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz

It is our duty to speak the truth

Pakistan's Political Parties

Photo: What khair can you expect from someone who is a British agent and says that creation of Pakistan is the greatest blunder in history of mankind, astaghfurullah! If Pakistan is ruled by such snakes, then expect civil war, bloodshed, violence and anarchy as a punishment from Allah (swt). In Karachi alone, almost 100,000 people have been killed in the last 25 years and they have NOT been killed by TZP but by gangs of MQM. 

We will now expose all these terrorist parties for you to know that these elections would bring only death and war. Fear Allah and repent and reject this filthy system.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last year, almost around this time, Salala massacre took place

Last year, almost around this time, Salala massacre took place when our sons were brutally attacked and murdered by US forces. One of the officers who was present at that time nearby, wrote this piece and we share it with you here. Recite Fatiha for our officers and men who died that night. By Allah, we will take revenge from the Americans for this murder.


Last year -this day- Captain Hassan and I woke up to the sounds of boom and thunder, at one in the

 morning. We were sleeping in a bunker on a mountain top at Pak-Afghan border, the Khaki Top. As we came out of our bunker, we saw tracer rounds and heavy gun fire pounding at a post not very far from ours. Missiles and large caliber bullets were fired from the air across the border and we saw the whole post blazing with fire. It was the Salala Check-post.

Earlier that year in September, our unit the 21st frontier force regiment was assigned the task of mopping up Salala ridge and surrounding areas. Captain Ali and I were the officers who were given the task to make a piquet on the skyline and then I had to eventually move forward to capture the Salala ridge. I remember the two weeks we spent on skyline just three hundred meters short of Salala. That was the most horrid time of my life. The skyline is actually the international border - an attached feature with Salala. However, it was a very bad strategic position as enemy would inflict heavy fire on us three times a day for as long as we were deployed there. We couldn’t move or strengthen our defenses else we’d receive aimed sniper and intense machine-gun fire. We had to move forward and occupy the position where the enemy was firing from; in order to gain tactical advantage. And occupy we did (that is another long horrific story).

After successful completion of the operation and deployment of troops, we strengthened our bunkers and all officers shifted in one gigantic bunker. Among the officers were Major Mujhahid SJ (Shaheed, Sitara-e-Jurrat), Major Tanveer, Captain Ali, Lieutenant Zaid and myself. After real battle during days we would play “Call of Duty” at night; connecting our laptops through Wi-fi. It was our ‘khushi time’.
Major Mujahid SJ was from the 7th Azad-Kashmir regiment. He belonged to the Sindh province of Pakistan, country side. He had regimented, tough, fair and a bold personality. One of the things I remember about him is when he asked me to find him a suitable companion as he was 30 but still a bachelor. He told me that he had to get married before the month of Muharram approached and that it was high time. I remember replying him that, “Sir! Who in their right mind would give you their daughter” jokingly. That was the last I saw of him.

On the eve of 25-26th November 2011, Salala was bombed, fired upon and shelled over and over again by the United States Army Aviation and United States Air Force. Our ‘allies’ rocketed us with such force that our skimpy 12.7 mm was like an ant under boot against them. Even then, it is told by three to four survivors who were spared by a miracle that Major Mujahid SJ went on and fired his 12.7 mm at the American gunships. However, his arms couldn’t swim him through the tide. He was bombed and killed in action on the spot. 25 brave men were killed and over 50 wounded. Soldiers who were apparently fighting against the Taliban had no idea an air assault of this intensity would come.

Salala marks one of the most tragic events –among other frequent events- in the history of Pakistan. I mourn for its victims, and all other officers and men who have lost their lives for this cause. I mourn with their mothers, fathers, their wives and daughters. I mourn for Major Mujahid who was killed brutally and did not have the chance or enough support to fight. I mourn them because no one else does. I mourn them because I see how ignorant our nation, because I alone am privy to what happened and is continuously happening. I mourn them because their lives mattered and so do their deaths. I FEEL, do YOU?

Monday, November 26, 2012

The violent and terrorist history of PPP of Zulfiqar ali Bhutto

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