Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Attention all members, volunteers and children. Please note these critical announcements.

Attention all members, volunteers and children. Pl note these critical announcements.

We must NOT write Urdu in English script. We must protect our Urdu language. Please either write in pure Urdu or write in pure English.

All Roman Urdu texts will be deleted from now on.

We must protect our language and heritage and must not let it to be corrupted. Improve your English and Urdu writing skills and don't destroy your own Urdu language by writing it in English script.

Please, also, all write mails to me in English or Urdu and NOT in Roman Urdu. I don't read such mails.

My personal e-mail address is

You can write to me directly and don't leave message in the Inbox of FB. I rarely check those in FB inbox.

Jazak Allah khair.