Monday, November 12, 2012

Now its between Allah and them !!

Each one of them is sold out idiot or traitor!! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon. This present system is run by these snakes, protected by the Anglo-saxon judiciary, funded by the Riba based bankers and promoted by Awara filthy porno media.

A momin suffocates in this filth and can never compromise with its Kufr. By Allah, Allah will never give you Izzat unless you rise and demand Izzat from HIM. This Izzat is NOT a khairat but a gift to be earned through sacrifices of blood and sweat. Our Pak Sarzameen is on the verge of destruction and these snakes are spitting venom non-stop. Patriots must support the army now to demand a patriotic government, NO elections and a most severe bloody accountability of these snakes. Else, when the anarchy rules the streets, Allah will deploy His own justice -- ruthlessly. There would be no tauba then.

Oh Allah, be witness that we have conveyed them the message, without fear or favor. Now it is between you and them. deal with them as you feel fit.