Monday, November 12, 2012

Our question to them is what have SC done

There are many who say that our criticism of higher Judiciary and SC is baseless and that courts need proofs to hang the terrorists. Our question to them is what have SC done where proof has been given and SC itself have acknowledged that terrorism, corruption and violation of Constitution has taken place ?????

1. SC itself confirms that Memo is a reality. Treason has been done. What has SC done about it ?????

2. SC itself confirms that Baluchistan govt has collapsed unde

r massive violence and corruption. What has SC done about it?

3. SC itself says all political parties are involved in terrorism in Karachi. Everyday dozens die there. What has SC done about it???

4. Why is SC NOT taking cases against Media when we have presented hundreds of pages of proof ?????

5. There are hundreds of cases where terrorists have confessed to terrorism and bombings. They have been caught with suicdie jackets and explosives. They are being caught everyday. Just follow the news and you will see. Still, Courts say there are no proofs ?????? Not a single terrorist hanged in 12 years in times of war. Is this forgivable ??????

6. CJ says that in Asghar Khan case, money should be recovered with INTEREST, which is haram totally. SC is giving order that Bank Interest and Riba should be taken. Is this NOT violation of constitution which says no law or order can be passed in violation to Quran and Sunnah ????

Those who say that SC needs proof to act or that SC is doing great service should answer this please or shut up!!! There is a reason why all the Aulia Allah are doing Bad-dua for the CJ now. He will know on the day of judgement when he will not be a CJ.