Thursday, November 15, 2012

Please note

Those who are uncomfortable watching this video because of Sahabas, for them we have few points.

The said series is made in Qatar and has been shown all across the Muslim and Arab world already and have the approval of all Muslim scholars in these lands. There is NOT a single report of any Muslim country blocking this series.

The film Message was a similar film which came out in the 80's and i
s still seen all over the world, even shown on Pakistani media. Message was made by Hollywood and had shown the sahabas also but was a respectful movies.

These are the domains where Ijtihad is required and the door is open for interpretations. Allah judge people on the basis of their intentions. If the niyat is pure and action is also correct then there are two rewards for a Momin. If the niyat is pure but there is an error in the action, then there is one reward for the Momin. Allah does not punish a believer for sincere mistakes done with pure intentions.

Those who see this series fall in love with Sayyadna Umer and the sahabas. They come to know of the real heroes of Islam and Ummah. They get to know their history which most of the children do not know and most of all, this series is made with love and adab by Muslims and all events are historically correct, without showing any image of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). If there is any sharr in this, there is greater khair indeed.

Read the comments of the people here and see how deeply this series have impacted their hearts and have brought them closer to Islam and Khilafat e Rashida. Again, we say, this is a domain for Ijtihad and there is difference of opinion between scholars but generally Muslims have accepted such series and programs all across the Muslim world.

So, take it easy and calm down. Don't watch if you don't want to but don't be harsh on others who want to watch. We personally are ok with this because of the reasons we gave. Rest, Allah knows best and may He forgive our mistakes if we err in sincerity. Jazak Allah . ZH