Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The battle began today in SC

The battle began today in SC. Today we had the hearing in Supreme Court. It is obvious that it is an extremely difficult case for the Supreme Court.

The case has now become Army/ISI Vs Geo group and the CJ has the following crisis at hand.

1. if he throws the case out, it would appear that he is against the army and the ISI. In the present tense national environment when media is already trying to trigger a war between the army and the judiciary, CJ is extremely careful not to appear as anti-army.

2. If he accepts the case, it would mean that he will make the entire Media and Geo group very angry. NO body has so far taken on the powerful media in this country. Our petition against SAFMA is also pending and the SC is not taking it up.

We have presented clear incriminating evidence against Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi based on their lies and preposterous attacks on army. The hearing is still going on and next date is fixed for 22nd November. We are insisting that SC must issue notices to the Geo group and start the case formally. SC wants to take its time in seeing the evidence we have presented.

BrassTacks team was present in the court assisting the lawyers. Next date of hearing is 22nd November. InshAllah, we will fight more fiercely to defend Pak Sarzameen against traitors in media. That is a promise.

We will never betray Pakistan. We have not forgotten the sacrifices of our forefathers. By Allah, no traitor will escape now. We will chase them in all battlefields -- in media, in cyber world, in courts and in the battle fields. The war is on and we in battle armor!