Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Historical Khutbah e Hajj by Hazrat Omer (RA)

Listen to this Historical Khutbah e Hajj by Hazrat Omer (RA). The welfare state he created has become a benchmark for excellence in management, welfare, security, peace and administration for all times to come.

He was the Khalifa e Rashid! He was weak in front of the poorest of the subjects and strongest against the tyrants and the unjust. He was ruling half the world and would still sleep on the desert floor and stay awake at night patrolling the streets of Medina for the welfare of the Ummah. He held himself responsible for the hungry dog in Iraq and the new born children in the Ummah, weeping at night and harshest upon himself. He was Omer (RA). Mothers will never produce a son like him again, Never! — at A clip from Omer series