Thursday, November 15, 2012

The humility, simplicity and justice of Hazrat Omer (RA)

The Faqeer who shook the world and destroyed the tyrants of the time and changed the destiny of the entire humanity slept on dust by the roadside.... These spiritual souls would only be in dreams, or in mythical stories or in paradise but he was in dunya, on the footsteps of Sayyadi Rasul Allah and Sayyadna Abu bakr and a beacon of Noor for the next entire generations to come.

He is Sayyadna Umer - the ideal role model for a Just and dignified ruler, even for the present times. This is the model we dream of under Mission Takmeel e Pakistan! This model of spiritual and social excellence cannot be achieved under the democracy or dictatorship. Sayyadna Umer is Khalifa e Rashid, not a democrat, not a dictator, not a king not a President, not a prime minister. He is Umer (RA), the Khalifa e Rashid, ameer ul Momineen!