Sunday, November 4, 2012

The whole system is in a meltdown now.

While Pakistan is in a state of war, the provincial governments are collapsing one by one creating a dangerous state of anarchy which is doing more damage to the state than the terrorists and the insurgencies. The whole system is in a meltdown now. Baluchistan is 42% of Pakistan. At least in this province, even the SC has acknowledged a Constitutional collapse. The same state is in Sindh and NWFP also as well as in Islamabad. The country is heading for an internal collapse. 

To add to the anarchy, TTP has now decided to formulate a new strategy for the coming elections and have called upon the other insurgent groups to join hands for a collective war against the state and Pakistan army. TTP is now threatening to attack MQM but in reality it would be targeting the city itself during the election rallies. This is the next phase of the urban war we expect to be launched in Pakistan.

Within the country, the political parties are now at each other’s throats for turf, power and alliances. The dirtiest possible political turf is about to get murkier. With no vision, foresight and wisdom to see the threats, the political parties are feverishly fighting amongst each other and the nation and the state goes to dogs literally.

The analysis is simple now. The state of Pakistan is collapsing and there is no – repeat NO recovery process anywhere. The political parties are more of criminal mafias involved in bickering, power politics and corruption and the SC is only enjoying the limelight, power and the authority without offering any support to the army or doing its original duties of dispensing justice to the criminals. Army is silent – fighting a reactive urban war within its own borders – but remains clueless as to how to tackle the existing chaos, anarchy and the meltdown. It wants to intervene but is indecisive, afraid and reluctant to face the crisis and the global repercussions. Waiting and watching the meltdown means doing nothing while the country disintegrates and turns into Somalia or Iraq.

It’s a waiting game now. Waiting for the army to intervene for a decisive salvage operation or waiting to see the country turns into irrecoverable anarchy and bloodshed which would shame Iraq. It is now or never now for Pakistan. Future historians would only hold one man responsible for the harm or glory if it comes to Pakistan – General Kayani. It is all in his hands now today and he has the power, opportunity, moment and the capacity to salvage Pakistan but tomorrow, nature will take its own course.

On the day of judgement, Allah will NOT ask us about democracy or martial law. He will ask us what we did to the gift he gave us, this Medina e Sani. That accountability would be most severe.

Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib and General Kayani, you better prepare your answers for the judgement day. You will be asked.

Khair inshAllah!