Thursday, November 8, 2012

US have acknowledged what we have been saying for years:

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
9 Nov 2012
Finally, US have acknowledged what we have been saying for years:

1. US is NOT attacking TTP because TTP does NOT attack US.

2. TTP is NOT affiliated with Afghan resistance but is a separate group waging a war against Pakistan only.

3. TTP is based in Kunar but US/Afghan armies do not interfere with their war against Pakistan.

This one news destroys the entire propaganda that TTP and Afghan Taliban are same people. Pakistan now has the right to demand that why US is p

rotecting the TTP in Kunar and Pak army must launch operation Green Fog to attack and destroy TTP bases in Kunar under the protection of RAW/CIA. The game is now fully exposed.

Read This:

"US military and intelligence officials told the paper that Mullah Fazlullah operates out of a region adjoining Pakistan where several hundred US troops are stationed. “But they said finding Fazlullah is not a priority because he is not affiliated with al-Qaeda or with insurgents targeting US and Afghan interests,” the Post said. When asked if Fazlullah was a priority, a senior intelligence official responded, “Not with so many other potential targets in Afghanistan.”