Saturday, November 17, 2012

We follow a truthful faith

When Sayyadna Umer (RA) entered Jerusalem, Muslim protected each and every citizen and Jews and Christians. Today, when it is in the hands of Jews, Muslims are being slaughtered daily. When Crusaders captured jersusalem from Muslims during 
Crusades, they also slaughtered every Muslim man and woman and child. When Sallahuddin Ayubi retook Jerusalem during Crusades, the great Sultan again forgave all the Christian Crusaders. Jews and Christians have always slaughtered Muslims when they were in power as they are today also. As we write, Palestinian Muslims in Jerusalem and Gaza are being slaughtered by Jews and Christians. What Sayyadna Umer did and what Sallahuddin did is the proof that we follow a truthful faith. What Jews and Christians are doing today is a proof that they have gone astray on the path of Devil.