Monday, November 19, 2012

When King Faisal cut off oil supplies

He was the only honorable King amongst them. Rest are all spineless eunuchs.

When King Faisal cut off oil supplies and deprived the west from oil in October 1973 and said his famous quote “We and our ancestors survived on dates and milk a
nd we will return to them again.”

On that day Henry Kissinger – Minister of foreign affairs visited him to try to pull him back from his decision. He said in his memoirs that when he met King Faisal in Jeddah he was sad , so he made a joke and told King Faisal, “My Plane ran out of oil, so will your majesty order it to get supplied with oil and we are ready to pay at International rates?”

He continued in his memoir saying that King Faisal didn’t laugh and raised his head and looked at him and said: “And I’am an old man who wishes to pray in Al-Aqsa before I die, so will you help me in my wish?