Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When we are advising you, be wise and respectful and listen to it

Please note that there are many Arabic / Islamic terms and words which have universally become part of the English or European languages like Assalam o Alaikum, Jazak Allah, InshAllah, MashAllah, Khair inshAllah, Hijab, Imam, Niqab, Madrassa, Masjid etc which are extensively used by even non-Muslims European language speakers and in western media.

Such words can be used when we write a text in English and we must promote them as our values and culture in European society as there are NO translations available for these Islamic terms in European languages which can fully do justice with these Islamic terms.

But we must NOT write a language in a different script especially our Urdu. Urdu is being systematically destroyed and most of the private school going children cannot even read or write in Urdu now, though they speak and understand Urdu. This is critically dangerous. A great tragedy indeed.

In Turkey, in 1924, Mustapha Kemal changed the script of Turkish language from Arabic to English and since then, new Turkish generations have lost complete contact with their thousand years of history written in Turkish language. Script is important and must be protected along with the terms, language and the literature.

When we are advising you, be wise and respectful and listen to it. There is khair for you in this advice.

Jazak Allah