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BrassTacks Threat Analysis for Q1 2013

BrassTacks Threat Analysis for Q1 2013

The 4th Generation war against Pakistan has now been upgraded to new anarchic levels – the 5th Generation war! When objectives of the 4th GW are not achieved, then the next strategy is deployed – to keep the target country in a perpetual state of chaos and anarchy. Under the 4GW, the anarchy should have led to the Af-Pak and Cold start invasions to dismember the country like Iraq or Yugoslavia. But since, Pakistan army still remains a strong deterrence, Af-pak and Cold start is being delayed and more focus would be on keeping the country on anarchic boiling levels till the time the US and the Indians are ready for the high intensity conventional or non-conventional conflict.

To the advantage of Pakistan and to the surprise of the US and India, US economy is crashing at home and the ISAF is losing their war in Afghanistan. Their prime assets TTP and BLA have taken severe hits in Pakistan at the hands of a determined Pakistan army. NATO supplies still remain highly vulnerable in Pakistan and nuclear weapons still remain intact, protected and secured by Pakistan’s armed forces. The objectives and aims of the 4thGW had to scaled back under these setbacks and now more focus would be on creating internal anarchy to further “soften” the Pakistani state and armed forces – the 5th GW.

The rule of these new generation warfare are:

“Whoever is first to recognize, understand, and implement a generational change can gain a decisive advantage. Conversely, a nation that is slow to adapt to generational change opens itself to catastrophic defeat”

As the entire focus of the regime and the judiciary is on holding elections, the insurgents, terrorists and the militants are on a rampage all across the country in a devastating anarchic urban war. The state has almost collapsed in Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP with Punjab suffering from social and economic anarchy due to power and energy crisis. It is a total war on all axis with no response strategy from any quarter.

There is no confusion now about the direction of events under the deployed 4th and 5thGW. The only crisis is that the army Chief remains frozen in indecision and fear of the unknown while the fire burns all axis of the state, economy and national unity. The CJ and Zardari are hopeless cases to start with. Media would remain hostile and continues to degenerate every day. The new political aspirants remain blissfully naive of the collapse and have their own ambitions to achieve irrespective of the cost nation will have to bear. As such, army remains the only institution to pull the country out of the collapse but remains undecided and confused on the strategy to adopt. Government is now planning for the elections but may have to adjust to the ground realities under threat from Dr. Tahir ul Qadri’s long March on January 14th. Army watches the developments in horror but waits……

The fact of the matter is that the anarchy has already gone out of control of the army, government and the judiciary. The insurgents, enemies and the hostile players have the initiative and the advantage of surprise. The state waits, takes hits and falls back more and more into its shell conceding more and more space to the enemies on all axis. As such, defeat of the state of Pakistan is certain but what is more painful is that the leadership sees it coming and still remains unable and too fearful to respond despite having the capability to respond and reclaim the lost ground. This is the real tragedy.

Holding the elections is the key element in unleashing the full fury of the 5th generation war. The leadership remains complete and total idiots or collaborators. As such, sans a miracle, the fate of this nation is sealed.

Khair inshAllah


Dear General Kayani, our enemy is NOT faceless.

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30 Dec 2012
Dear General Kayani, our enemy is NOT faceless. Your defense Secretary know who is waging this war within Pakistan. The news appearing in Daily times clearly says that General Asif Yasin Malik knows that CIA and US is waging war against Pakistan using hostile agencies and terrorist gangs.

Dear General, our enemy is known -- It is India and US. Rest are all their agents -- TTP, BLA, MQM, ANP, PPP, PML (N) and all other political parties with same old snakes..... We know our enemies. We only ask you to act against them. Nation is sinking. Rise and take charge Sipah Salaar !!!


US using spy agencies of other countries against Pakistan’

* Defence secretary says Islamabad has ‘complete’ list of CIA agents in Pakistan

* US, UK against Pakistan’s nuclear programme

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Defence Secretary Lt General (r) Asif Yaseen Malik on Friday said that the US is using the spy agencies of other countries against Pakistan. Speaking to a select group of journalists at the Defence Ministry, the defence secretary said Pakistan had complete information about the CIA agents working in the country. He said Pakistan has been informed by the US regarding presence of the CIA agents.

He added that no country was allowed to work undercover in the country. “The CIA also uses the agencies of other countries.” He said the US and Britain are against the nuclear assets of Pakistan, adding that America is using agencies of other countries against the country.

Fighting a faceless enemy: Kayani -

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30 Dec 2012

My dear General, when you know the threats of this 4th and 5th generation war, then why are you delaying the response???? The honor, security, dignity and faith of this millat rests upon your shoulders today. Your indecision and silence is hurting the millat badly. For Allah's sake, it would be suicide to hand over the fate of this millat to Zardari, rehman Malik, Altaf Hussian and of their likes.... Nation is sinking while you remain silent..... By Allah, if Pakistan is destroyed, we will hold you responsible. Nation stands with armed forces and trust them fully. Rise and do your duty. We are loosing Pakistan daily...... Allahu Akbar!


KARACHI: Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani Saturday said that Pakistan today was passing through a very critical phase of its history.

"Increasingly complex external environment and our rather precarious internal dynamics have created a myriad of security challenges," Gen Kayani said while addressing the 98th Midshipmen Commissioning term and 7th SSC Officers class, comprising a total of 118 officers who got commissioned at Pakistan Naval Academy PNS Rahbar, upon completion of rigorous training.

The COAS said," Today, we are pitched against an amorphous enemy when the conventional threat has also grown manifold."

This spectrum of threats can be defeated through collective national efforts in which the Armed Forces indeed have a pivotal role to play in harmony with other instruments of the state, he added.

New Gregorian year 2013 would begin

After 2 days, the new Gregorian year 2013 would begin. This would be the most decisive year in Pakistan's recent history. Either we would become Iraq, Syria or Libya or we would regroup, recover and begin to rise as a dignified nation. It all depends upon what destiny this unfortunate nation and its leaders chose for themselves. Elections would mean chaos, anarchy and wars.

Even right now, the province of Baluchistan is on fire. Karachi is facing a worst urban anarchy and there is no government even in Peshawar. yesterday nearly 400 TTP insurgents had attacked Peshawar and kidnapped 23 Policemen and had destroyed at least 2 major check posts in a most audacious attack. As we write, reports are coming in that the 21 kidnapped Policemen from Peshawar have been killed in captivity by the TTP. This is the anarchy which this democracy has gifted to Pakistan. Only Central Punjab remains somewhat stable. Rest of the country is already out of control of the government. The CJ is equally responsible for this collapse.

Today, the CJ, Zardari, PM, Election Commission and the army chief want to hold the elections in these times of total war and anarchy. The elections would bring back the same snakes back into power and then the same cycle of corruption, violence and war would start all over again.... This is exactly what our enemies want and we are playing right into their hands.

We have given our azaan. We have defined the mission and chalked out the strategy to deploy it. We do not have any physical power in our hands but we have the power of Azaan and the super power of Dua at our disposal. Spread the message and do Dua for Pakistan and Bud-dua for these Zalim rulers who have brought our beloved Pak Sarzameen to the brink of becoming another Yugoslavia.

The 4thGW against Pakistan has now become extremely intense. Enemies have sensed our weakness and now they are on the full offensive. The fire that these leaders have ignited would also burn their own houses as well just as Bashir Bilour died recently. More leaders would also die as the law of divine justice takes its course.

Allah has NOT abandoned us. He is only giving us time for tauba and is shaking us over and over again to wake up. Otherwise, a most severe punishment awaits this nation and it is very very close. We are already in it, only if we realize.

Astaghfurullah Azeem!!!!

The lost papers of Allama Mohammad Asad

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29 Dec 2012
These are the lost treasures of the millat -- the lost papers of Allama Muhemmed Asad, the Quaid e Azam appointed director of department of Islamic reconstruction !!! There is a presentation in it also where BT team has made a summary of these papers. A stunning ideological vision to transform Pakistan into an ideal Islamic welfare state on the model of Khilafat e Rashida and to do "Takmeel" of Pakistan. Remember this -- Quaid formed this department immediately after the creation of Pakistan!!! Only a visionary, pan Islamic Muslim leader would dare such an amazing romantic journey!! This is the Pakistan we will create, InshAllah !!!

Muhemmed Asad

Those who say Quaid wanted to make a secular state, should also explain as to why the first department of the new government of Pakistan that Quaid created after securing independence was the Department of Islamic Reconstruction???? Quaid created an Islamic reconstruction and policy making department to make a secular state ???? What non-sense those secular speak.

The department was headed by German revert Muslim Muhemmed Asad, (formerly Leopold Weiss), who had delivered major policy speeches on the future of Islamic government in Pakistan, confirming without doubt that Quaid had the vision of a Pan Islamic state, "Premier Islamic state" as he called it. We shall be posting those speeches here as well for all to see the vision our founding fathers had. It was on the basis of this department and its research that Objectives Resolution was passed 2 years later in 1949 by Liaqat Ali Khan. Now when the myth of "secular Jinnah" has been comprehensively busted, it is our duty to give a final shut up call to the seculars! know this lost piece of history and never ever forget this.

Quaid e Azam talks about Khilafat e Rashida

This is the most stunning, incredible, profound and soul shaking policy and mission statement from Quaid e Azam. He talks about Khilafat e Rashida model, he talks about United States of Islam, he talks about Jews trying to destroy Muslims, he talks about building Pakistan on "La ilaha illAllah" !!

Now what would the secular snakes and those advising the Muslims to abandon Jihad, abandon Khilafat and abandon United states of Islam would say ??? Shame on them for betraying Pak Sarzameen. Shame on them for betraying Rasul Allah (sm). Shame on them for betraying the 5 million martyrs of Pakistan movement who died to make Pakistan a fortress of Islam - NOT a base for secularism, communism or western secular ideals. read the last paras especially. You will be stunned !!!

DO NOT be fooled by demands of multi party democracy or singular dictatorship

Today, it is a crime to demand the system of Khilafat. Kufr can give you anything if you abandon the demand of Khilafat, abandon Jihad and do not abandon riba based paper currency. Everything else is allowed but NOT these 3 critical issues which directly attack the pillars of Kufr.

In the times of Khilafat Rashida, humanity was at peace. Muslims could travel from one corner of the world to another without any visas or passports and there was one collective system of justice, peace, equality and security under laws brought by Rasul Allah (sm). DO NOT be fooled by demands of multi party democracy or singular dictatorship. Even the best of Kuffar know the power and strength of Khilafat Rashida model. Know this well.

Ask Baba Iqbal who is the true leader of the time

Ask Baba Iqbal who is the true leader of the time? Iqbal called his book "Zarb e Kaleem" as the "declaration of war against present systems in the world" !!

Whatever you see around yourself is fitnah of Dajjal ! The satanic democracy, the evil Riba based economy, the Kufr anglo-saxon laws and awara media creating anarchy and chaos in the world. "What ever is Hazir and Mojood" is evil and satanic and is diametrically opposite to Khilafat e Rashida model of Islam. Any compromise with these systems of Kufr would mean selling our souls to the devil.

The true leader will NOT make compromises on faith, ideology, dignity and security. Quaid stood for Palestine, Kashmir and Indonesia and started Jihad at all the places even when Pakistan had nothing. That was great leadership !! genuine Visionary, fascinating oratory and spiritual being !!

Kufr and Western nations would always support such parties, groups and Mullahs who would support them on 3 counts:

1. Abolish Jihad and declare it as terrorism.
2. Do not try to change Riba and paper currency and banking system.
3. Promote western democracy and free media and never talk about Khilafat model.

Any "Muslim" who would do these 3 things would be made a hero by the West.

But we at Mission Takmeel e Pakistan declare:

We declare war against Riba.
We declare Khilafat as our destiny.
We declare Jihad against Kufr occupying Muslim lands.

That is why the media blocks us, Kufr hates us and enemies try to eliminate us, alhamdolillah !!!

Iqbal has a message for such pro-West scholars!! Baba Iqbal has replied on our behalf.

There are many scholars today who say that these are not the times of war and Jihad and we should only do dialogues with those Kufr powers who are destroying, attacking and enslaving Muslim lands!! In the last 5 years, seven Muslim countries have been destroyed by the Western countries and NATO and almost 3 million Muslims have been butchered and made homeless and still, we are given the Fatwas that we should talk peace?????? West continues to attack Muslim lands... Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Mali.... and now Pakistan and we are told that these are not the times of Jihad ?????

By Allah, we will prepare for Ghazwa e Hind, we will support Mujahideen in all occupied lands and we will NEVER recognize Israel as a state. Even good Jews do NOT recognize the Zionist state of Israel. Quaid called Israel as the "dagger in the heart of Muslims"!! Just because Israel has slaughtered Muslims for 65 years does NOT mean that now we accept Israel as a legitimate state. By Allah, we will NEVER. This is the time of Jihad and resistance NOT dialogue with the occupation forces !!!

Iqbal has a message for such pro-West scholars!! Baba Iqbal has replied on our behalf.

We are NOT members or supporters of any political or religions party in Pakistan

To all those who do not read our posts calmly and then get confused, we would once again firmly state that:

1. We are NOT members or supporters of any political or religions party in Pakistan. We are Security analysts and ideological revivalists with a mission of Takmeel e Pakistan which envisions Pakistan on the model of Khilafat e Rashida, believes in Ghazwa e Hind and in creation of United states of Islam -- a Muslim block of nations with a collective security, economic and political strategy. We want to change the economic system of Pakistan which is based on Riba. We want to change the political system of Pakistan which is based on multiple political parties and corrupt democracy and we want to change the existing judicial system of Pakistan being run under the Anglo-Saxon law. There is no confusion in our mission and we have declared a total and uncompromising war against this system. We want to block the elections and bring about patriotic caretakers for 3 years would change the entire system of politics, stabilize the country against this deployed 4GW and hand the terrorists and the corrupt. This is our vision, mission and duty for which we are fighting alone for the past 5 years and will fight to the end InshAllah!

2. Now what is our association with latest mission of Dr. Qadri ? NONE !!!! We have only supported his call for bringing in patriotic caretakers and blocking the elections till the system is political reforms are made. That is it. Nothing else.

3. As we hear Dr. Sahib's programs after the Jalsa, it is becoming clear that his strategy is diametrically opposite to ours on almost the entire axis of mission and duty. He only wants to clean the election process but wants to continue with the Democracy with same political parties that we have today. We reject this in total.

4. He does not want to the caretakers to change the stabilize the country against terrorism, war and economic collapse but only want neutral caretakers to hold free and fair elections. We reject this also in total. Our stand is that elections in these times of war would ignite civil war and chaos. Massive ruthless accountability of TTP and the present regime is over due.

5. He has not mentioned anything ay changing the Anglo-Saxon law, Riba based economic system and punishment to the terrorists by the caretakers. If elections take place, these same parties would come into power by fielding new names and faces and then the entire system of Riba, democracy and judiciary would remain the same for ever. That we reject in total.

We also strongly object to MQM, whose entire leadership is known gangsters and ideologically opposed to Pakistan and serve the foreign masters on an agenda of Mukti Bahini. Their leadership is slaughtering Muslims everyday in Karachi. There is no khair in them.

As such, as we see, there is hardly any agenda which is common between us and Dr. Qadri. He has a most sincere following of patriotic and genuine Pakistanis and we respect them for that but regretfully, we seriously disagree with the deployed political strategy by Dr. Sahib. We want to block elections for 3 years solid and bring patriotic caretakers for a massive system cleanup. Dr. Sahib only want caretakers to hold free and fair elections. That is opposite to what we want or plan.

We wish them good luck but would not participate in their strategy which we feel is seriously flawed under the circumstances and also backed by snakes like Altaf and Tahir Ashrafi. We have a right to disagree and we do that with decency.

We will advice Dr. Qadri sincerely to stay away from MQM and Tahir Ashrafi

Dr. Qadri will do great disservice to his followers and Pakistan if he takes the support of MQM and Tahir Ashrafi -- known snakes on Indian payroll! We will advice Dr. Qadri sincerely to stay away from MQM and Tahir Ashrafi.

There is absolutely nothing in common between Patriots and these pro-Indian snakes Altaf Hussian and Ashrafi. . Altaf is known terrorists, murder, Mukti Bahini and a gangster responsible for thousands of deaths in Karachi. How can Altaf work for the system of Khilafat e Rashida or an Islamic system in Pakistan?? Now Tahir Ashrafi, the SAFMA snake, also joins the bandwagon. It is getting murkier by the minute, astaghfurullah !!

Dr. Sahib, you have a great following within sincere Muslims. MQM and Tahir Ashrafi has no khair in them. They will destroy you. This is our sincere advice.

Radio Pakistan Delhi

MashAllah Mubarak !! We just kicked the Indian backsides with our hockey sticks and have won the Asian Hockey Champions trophy!! Alhamdolillah !!! A humiliating defeat for the Hindu Banya... :))

Just wait for the ultimate humiliation for the banya, InshAllah, very soon... Radio Pakistan Delhi..... Be part of this destiny. Its written!

The real Jinnah

This is the real Jinnah the secular snakes will never tell you about! He was a sword of Islam in a secular scabbard!! A British officer met Quaid and this was his impression about our beloved Quaid !! This is the quality of leadership we need today. Nothing short would solve our crisis. We need a leader who is a "sword of Islam" !!!

Takbeer e Musalsal Zaid Hamid's Personal Blog: MP3 Downloads

This is our blog for the MP3 of all our strategic programs. Keep visiting them regularly as more and more programs are being added everyday. Spread the azaan and remain a soldier in the battle for heart and soul or Pakistan!

Army and Judiciary MUST NOT remain neutral

Ghulam Akbar sahib has suggested that "since Pakistan is really sick, we need to send it into the operation theater for some time" !! Great Idea which we have been promoting for long. Elections, under this most corrupt regime, would be fatal for Pakistan. Army and Judiciary MUST NOT remain neutral. This is what Ghulam akbar sahib is also suggesting and we agree!

Duties we need today

Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif has clearly explained the duties we need today. No individual can bring the change. It will always be a team of fanatic idealists who is willing to go to any extreme to defend the land, faith, ideology and the identity. Today, we do not have these leadership. DO NOT compromise on the quality and integrity of the leadership. Ask Allah for the finest "Iqbal" and "Quaid"! If you cannot find them, then Be them!! Each one of you can be that Iqbal and Quaid! have faith and stand firm. InshAllah Khair.

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Syed Zaid Hamid - Quaid-e-Azam Day - FM Dil 102 - 25-12-12

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26 Dec 2012
This is the Youtube link for those who are outside Pakistan as often Vimeo slows down under load. hear, share and spread the azaan far and wide. Defend the honor of our beloved Quaid, revive the hope and know what a true leader is. Now you have a benchmark!!

Quaid-e-Azam Day - FM Dil 102 - 25-12-12

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26 Dec 2012
Our passionate tribute to Baba Quaid on FM Dil last night. Here we share our emotions and rare events from the life and history of the greatest Muslim leader of the 20th century.

Syed Zaid Hamid - The Amazing Quaid-e-Azam

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25 Dec 2012
Our passionate tribute to Baba Quaid aired on Such TV today. You can watch this calmly later as well. Right now, catch us on FM DIL 102 at around Midnight till 2 am inshAllah. Barak Allah feekum. ZH

Live like your beloved Quaid and die like a tiger

Remember this always -- you are born to be free!! DO NOT accept slavery, humiliation, disgrace and insults. Live like your beloved Quaid and die like a tiger in battle but NEVER give up!!! Never!!