Saturday, December 15, 2012

41 years ago, in these dates in 1971

41 years ago, in these dates in 1971, Pakistan was dismembered and East Pakistan was separated from us. It was one of the most tragic event in our history where a series of catastrophic blunders over many years and a corrupt, cowards and morally debouch political and military leadership made sure that over a million Muslims die and Pakistan is broken under an Indian invasion. Most of you were not even born at that time and do not know what happened back then. Let us tell you
them in a sequence so that you know why we are so staunchly against elections in these war times.

1. Agartala Conspiracy was caught in 1969, years before the fall of Dhaka in 1971. Allah had exposed the Indian game plan to hire traitors in East Pakistan and create armed groups, Mukti Bahini. The government of Ayub Khan wanted to put the traitors on trail but the politicians like Bhutto, Asghar Khan, Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, Mufti mehmood and Jamaat Islami defended the traitors and protested against Ayub Khan. As a result, the cases were withdrawn and elections were announced knowing fully well that Indians had created armed gangs in East Pakistan. The stage for rebellion was now set.

2. Under the threat of Mukti Bahini, Mujeeb won the elections in East Pakistan. In West Pakistan, Bhutto won the elections. Now army had a crisis. Mujeeb wanted to become Prime Minister and here Bhutto wanted to become prime Minister. Bhutto raised a slogan “we here and you there”, Idhar Hum, Udhar Tum”!! Read Ahmad reza Qasuri’s book on the subject. Once Mujeeb was sure that Bhutto will not let him become the PM, Mujeeb rebelled openly against Pakistan on March 15th 1971 in Dhaka. Mukti went on a rampage and killed over a million Pakistanis all over East Pakistan. Read Blood and Tears by Qutub uddin Aziz.

3. After a million Pakistanis were slaughtered, Pak army finally moved on March 25 to destroy Mukti bahini in operation Search Light. The anti-Mukti operations continued till November 1971 and almost all of East Pakistan was secured and protected from the traitors. But during this time, Indian army was massively busy in preparing to invade Pakistan after the Monsoon season. In Pakistan, Bhutto was now set to become the PM and was acting as the foreign Minister also. But both the army leadership led by Yahya and Bhutto failed to see the Indian preparations.

4. In November 1971, nearly half a million Indian army attacked from all sides into East Pakistan. Pak army fought gallantly (see interview of General Manekshaw) but was outnumbered and outgunned almost 1:20 or at place 1:50. Only 45 lightly armed thousand Pakistani troops were fighting against nearly half a million Indian troops and quarter a million Multi terrorists. (read stories of battle of Hilli and Kamalpur).

5. In West Pakistan, the corrupt leadership of Yahya Khan started the military operations so late that they failed to impact the battle situation on ground in East. Between November 22 1971 to December 16th 1971, the small and tired Pakistan army in East Pakistan was totally surrounded, isolated, without air support, without supplies and fighting on a land which was already under Indian occupation. Indians could not defeat the army garrisons at any place but then used their air support to land directly around Dhaka, bypassing the defending Pak army. General Niazi, the commander of the Easter Command was left with no option but to accept the surrender terms. Before that, Poland had moved a resolution in UN on December 12 to demand a cease fire and withdrawal of pak army. If that resolution was adopted, Pakistan army would not have to face the humiliation of surrender but Bhutto tore that resolution and the last opportunity for a political solution was lost. (Google Polish resolution, UN, 1971, Bhutto).

6. From march 1971 to December 1971, Pakistan army in East Pakistan has regained East Pakistan from Muktis and was putting up a brave fight against Indians to allow the political and military leadership in West Pakistan to find a political solution. But those many precious months were also wasted by General Yahya and Bhutto.

7. Once the news of fall of Dhaka reached West Pakistan, the nation went into a state of rage. Bhutto was out of the country and was saved but the officers of the army and the people rebelled against the top leadership and Yahya had to resign, handing over power to Bhutto as the entire leadership of the army was arrested.

Today, we face the same crisis. The leadership is treacherous and corrupt and Indians have created multiple Mukti Bahinis from Khyber to Karachi. Memo scandal have been caught where leaders have been found to be conspiring to destroy Pak army. The whole country is now under a state of war and threat of civil war is real. Traitors are known but still army is being forced to conduct elections just as they did in 1970. Indian Cold start military doctrine is deployed and waiting to roll into Pakistan once anarchy starts in Pakistan after the elections. Army is already fighting multiple insurgencies in the country and now is being asked to hold elections as well. This is exact repeat of 1971. We fear exact result of 1971.

It is our duty to raise the alarm which was NOT raised in 1971. We must learn from history or be condemned to repeat it. This is the law of nature.

When traitors rule and take part in fake democracy and political parties have armed wings and army comes under pressure and help the traitors to become rulers, then these tragedies become inevitable. Today, we have a choice. Tomorrow, the circumstances would decide our destiny.