Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ask Baba Iqbal who is the true leader of the time

Ask Baba Iqbal who is the true leader of the time? Iqbal called his book "Zarb e Kaleem" as the "declaration of war against present systems in the world" !!

Whatever you see around yourself is fitnah of Dajjal ! The satanic democracy, the evil Riba based economy, the Kufr anglo-saxon laws and awara media creating anarchy and chaos in the world. "What ever is Hazir and Mojood" is evil and satanic and is diametrically opposite to Khilafat e Rashida model of Islam. Any compromise with these systems of Kufr would mean selling our souls to the devil.

The true leader will NOT make compromises on faith, ideology, dignity and security. Quaid stood for Palestine, Kashmir and Indonesia and started Jihad at all the places even when Pakistan had nothing. That was great leadership !! genuine Visionary, fascinating oratory and spiritual being !!

Kufr and Western nations would always support such parties, groups and Mullahs who would support them on 3 counts:

1. Abolish Jihad and declare it as terrorism.
2. Do not try to change Riba and paper currency and banking system.
3. Promote western democracy and free media and never talk about Khilafat model.

Any "Muslim" who would do these 3 things would be made a hero by the West.

But we at Mission Takmeel e Pakistan declare:

We declare war against Riba.
We declare Khilafat as our destiny.
We declare Jihad against Kufr occupying Muslim lands.

That is why the media blocks us, Kufr hates us and enemies try to eliminate us, alhamdolillah !!!