Monday, December 24, 2012

Bill Gates Oral Polio Vaccine Cripples 47,500 Children

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
21 Dec 2012
While we strongly condemn the murders of the Polio vaccine volunteers, we strongly believe that this is mob violence being unleashed because of the frustrations and anger of the people against western attempts to enslave Muslim lands. The government is forcing down the throat of the nation a western agenda of politics, education, war, health, economy and social development without removing the fears attached with it. Many of the grievances are genuine and should have been addressed by the government. We, in good faith, advice the government to address these issues first otherwise more serious chaos could be created. In these times of chaos and anarchy, when the entire country is going down, the government is only focus on Polio campaign as if Polio is the biggest crisis this nation faces. Such stupidity of the government raises many serious questions.

For example:

1. It is a known fact now that Bill Gates sponsored Polio program is extremely controversial and is alleged to have serious side affects where children from the poorest countries are being used as lab pigs for testing the side effects.

2. CIA has been using the Polio campaign to launch their own espionage and spying network in the country. The OBL raid and subsequent arrest of Dr. Afridi has confirmed this fact that this WHO program is seriously managed by CIA to gain door to door access in Pakistan.

3. No one in the Health Ministry or the WHO has ever bothered to explain why multiple campaign of Polio drops are being conducted giving multiple doses to the same children???? what would be the side affects of such multiple doses? what is the actual duration of the course if any?

4. This is a known fact that Henry Kissinger had launched a "Food genocide" plan in 1974, under which population of many countries was to be drastically reduced. Pakistan was one of the countries. How can we be sure that this present campaign against Polio is not part of biological war program against Pakistan?

5. Has any Lab in Pakistan tested the Polio vaccine???/ Any reports for public scrutiny???

We would strongly urge the government to clear the above confusions in the hearts and minds of the people which are making them paranoid to the extent that they are now assassinating innocent health workers. So far, the actions of the regime are only increasing the suspicion, not helping to remove them.