Monday, December 24, 2012

شاہ ذین بگٹی کی لیکڈ ویڈیو۔۔۔ میں نے میڈیا کو غلط بیان دیا تھا۔

Indians sending in weapons into Pakistan through misguided idiots like BLA and BRA. Pak army is trying to stop this insurgency but the CJ is punishing the FC instead. There is no government in Baluchistan today and even we withdraw the FC, the province will fall to the enemies. IK says that he will withdraw army from Baluchistan. But what would IK do to this Indian support to separatists like Indians did to Mukti Bahini. Watch this video and see how media lies and deceives the nation. Snakes like Hamid Mir deserve treatment and trail of traitors for their lies on Baluchistan.
This is the real face of Shazain bughti
' Pervez Musharraf did the right thing with them' soon people' media and courts will realize

Political touts have their own problems so they will keep hiding facts from people and keep exploiting them