Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 16th

Today is December 16th, the most tragic day of our history when a sequence of systematic blunders broke Pakistan.

After 41 years, we have learned nothing!!

Today, Karachi is under a lock down by an urban Mukti Bahini. Peshawar airbase i
s under attack as write. Baluchistan is out of bound for outsiders. Army is fighting a massive urban war and over 100,000 Pakistanis have died or wounded in an asymmetric urban war which is on going as we write. This war is NOT due to drones. Drone by CIA are only a fractional part of this larger war being fought against Pakistan on military, economic, political, judicial and media axis.

Still, the people ask us when will that war start which we said would hit Pakistan???? We can only say Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon! This is called 4th Generation War. This war is not fought on borders. This is fought in cities as we are facing now. Look ar Syria, Libya, Iraq... where is the war being fought???? Major historical cities of these great Islamic countries have turned into ruin and rubble, still people ask when will the war start???

Hazrat Ali (RA) once said "when Allah wants to destroy a people, he makes them stupid and idiots first" !!

How can we have elections in the country when we are in the midst of this anarchic war??? Elections would bring back Zardari, Altaf Hussian, Nawaz and Asfandyar Wali. Have we not learnd anything at all from fall of Dhaka???

May Allah have mercy upon this millat e marhoom !!