Monday, December 24, 2012

dhooray khawab- ek moma hay samghne ka na samjhanay ka - Jang Columns

Alhamdolillah, more and more prominent opinion makers are now following and respecting our azaan. this is a powerful piece by dr. Shahid Masood, literally copying from our analysis on 4th Generation War. Now everyone realizes, albeit very late, that we are in a state of war in a new generation of war which is far more lethal and bloody than previous ones.

All those who made fun of us when we raised this alarm 5 years ago should hang their heads in shame but alas you cannot shame the shameless! Alhamdolillah, a humble sincere azaan if a faqeer is now being heard even by the deaf, dumb and the blind!

Good job Dr. Shahid.