Saturday, December 8, 2012

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Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
8 Dec 2012
When most of you were not even born, a "lal masjid" styled battle was fought within Khana Kaaba itself. A gang of Khawarij had taken over Masjid e Haram, just as TTP gangsters did at lal masjid. The Khawarij at Makkah demanded Shariat, just as Lal masjid gangsters demanded. Makkah Khawarij had thousands of Hajis, men and women as hostage, just as Lal masjid khawarij. A fierce battle was fought within Khana Kaaba, just as in Lal masjid. The Khawarij were killed, just as in Lal
 masjid. Thousands of Muslims, men, women and even women of Khawarij were killed in crossfire, just as in Lal masjid. The entire Muslim world supported the battle against the Makkah Khawarij, just as in Lal masjid.

Those who say Pakistan army violated the sanctity of masjid and attacked Muslims who were demanding shariat should also speak about the take over of Masjid e Haram by Khwarij and what Muslim Ummah did with them. Khawarij can emerge in all times, at all places. They are dogs of hell who must be killed ruthlessly. Thats what Muslim armies did in 1979 also just as in Lal masjid.