Thursday, December 6, 2012

Khawarij is NOT a maslak.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
6 Dec 2012
It is strange that people read the ahadees of Rasul Allah (sm) on Khawarij and it is Ijma of all Muslims that TTP are Khawarij, still there are many deaf, dumb and blind who support these Khawarij just because they belong to their maslak, Astaghfurullah! These people reject the Ahadees but support the Khawarij !! What else is Kufr????

Khawarij is NOT a maslak. It is an anarchic ideology which wages war against Muslims. If anyone wages a war against Rasul Allah (sm) and thes
e conditions apply on them, then he is from Khawarij, They can be from any Maslak -- Barelvis, deobandi, ahl hadees or Ahl Tashee. This is unfortunate that in Pakistan, they belong to Congressi deobandi maslak. In Syria or Iraq or Libya, they belong to some other maslak.

There are many scholars from Deoband Maslak who reject these Khawarij and are loyal to Pakistan. We have always made this clear. We respect them and appreciate their love for Pakistan.

To all Muslims -- we ask them to read the Ahadees on Khawarij and see which cursed group comes under these ahadees. DO NOT believe what I say. Read the Ahadees directly and see which group is Khawarij. If you cannot see, then we are afraid, Allah has sealed the hearts and minds.

Just Imagine, what will be the fate of those people who rebelled against Rasul Allah (sm) and supported the Khawarij, just because they happened to be from their own maslak, Astaghfurullah.

Speaking against the crimes of MQM does NOT mean we are speaking against Urdu speaking Muslims.

Speaking against treason ANP does NOT mean we are speaking against Pashtun Muslims.

Similarly, speaking against violence of Khawarij does NOT mean we are speaking against Deoband Maslak. Know this clearly.