Saturday, December 15, 2012

Let us settle this also.

People ask us who will bring the caretakers and from where will we find such patriotic people?? Let us settle this also.

For now, all the political parties and the crowds following them are blindly focused on the elections only, including the Judiciary, media and even the army. No one is willing to see the threats, risks and wars associated with such a blunder. Under these chaotic conditions when all are literally deaf, dumb and blind -- there is no point that we or anyone 
else suggest names of such patriotic people.

Once it is agreed by the policy makers that elections will be blocked and a patriotic technocratic caretaker government would be made, then everyone can suggest the finest names and they can be vetted by army, Judiciary and the nation.

This country is not empty of such dignified visionary and spiritual people but they will never offer themselves, nor would they take part in elections nor would they beg anyone to select them. They are too honorable and too wise for this filth. Allah has not abandoned us but He will only give us such people if the nation and its leaders are willing to accept them. It is not their need to take power. It is the need of the nation to have such leaders.

As the direction of events is, it is clear that now even Supreme Court has collapsed to protect this land from the threats we face. As the anarchy spread, army will have to take over sooner or later and then army would have to decide the caretaker team.

Once the principle of bringing caretakers is agreed, names can be given. We can also suggest a few names but we will never expose those dignified people now. But if the nation is hell bent on suicide of elections, then what the point of suggesting names??